What netizens say about NMIXX’s tattoos in their concept photos

Wow but this is my first time seeing tattoos in concept photos of female idolsㅋㅋㅋ

NMIXX’s comeback on March 20

1. Jiwoo and Kyujin are just babies, they’re so pretty…

2. Wow but Lily really suits this concept ㅜㅜ

3. They’re seriously pretty, they’re good at live performances, I hope they get more and more popular

4. Wow, but I’m curious about this song

5. Well, I don’t like people with tattoos, but Sullyoon’s photo is crazy….

6. I love the concept, these vibes are amazing

7. Nowadays, I’m liking JYP’s concept photos.. TWICE’s was good too

8. Jiwoo is seriously pretty

9. Hul, what’s the third person’s name? She’s so pretty

-> Sullyoon

10. Wow they’re all pretty

11. NMIXX sings live well, I hope they get better this time

12. Wow look at Lily’s auraㄷㄷ

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