What netizens say about Red Velvet’s Seulgi refusing to dance to ‘Hype Boy’

Red Velvet’s Seulgi carefully refused to dance to ‘Hype Boy’ after someone requested her

“You guys know, right? I’m trying not to cause trouble”

1. Seulgi is extremely cautious in getting involved even a little bit in something controversial, that’s the stance that has not changed since debut until now

2. She’s so wise, if she had done that, there would have been a lot of YouTube videos saying that Seulgi wanted to go to HYBE

3. Honestly, she knows better than anyone right now

4. It’s better not to cause controversy, I think Seulgi did so well

5. She did so well, just act the way you want and think

6. I’m not a fan of Seulgi, but looking at the comments here, I think she did well when she wasn’t dancing

7. Looking at the comments here, I can understand why she didn’t dance

8. There are a lot of haters in the comments

9. Seulgi is an SM artist, so she doesn’t like HYBE taking over SM

10. As expected, Seulgi is so wise

11. Seulgi did well just by looking at the comments

12. Seulgi is smart and cool

13. Looking at the comments, Seulgi is wise

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