What netizens say about Rowoon leaving SF9

The company’s announcement regarding SF9 Rowoon was just released…;

1. He didn’t change the agency, so why did he need to leave the group????

2. Just write that he left the group. What is this ambiguity? Anyway, he doesn’t participate in group activities

3. I just feel sorry for the fans

4. I really like singer SF9 Rowoon but it’s a shame, he has a good voice and I’ve watched a lot of his fancams

5. Anyway, he’s not active as a singer, right?

6. Does this mean he will stay with the company but leave the group?

7. This is why you should not add member numbers to the group name

8. Can they change the group’s name to SF8?

9. It looks like he will leave the group but will remain with the company as an actor

10. Is he changing his agency?

11. Now it’s SF8

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