What netizens say about SM artists joining Weverse

[Exclusive] SM artists join Weverse

SM Entertainment artists join HYBE’s fandom platform ‘Weverse’. This is the result of HYBE’s announcement last month that they will be seeking a platform partnership with Kakao and SM

1. Then what will happen to Dear U?

2. Hurry up, I hate Instagram Live

3. Crazy, I hate the Weverse Shop

4. Weverse Live is much better

5. Weverse is good, but Weverse Shop is a bit bad

6. Weverse is good

7. Weverse is good, the live quality is good, the server can handle the crowd of fans, but the Weverse Shop…

8. Weverse is good, but I really hate Weverse Shop

9. I love using Weverse

10. Weverse is free so I don’t think it should be compared with Bubble

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