What netizens say about SM artists joining Weverse

[Exclusive] SM artists join Weverse

SM Entertainment artists join HYBE’s fandom platform ‘Weverse’. This is the result of HYBE’s announcement last month that they will be seeking a platform partnership with Kakao and SM

1. Then what will happen to Dear U?

2. Hurry up, I hate Instagram Live

3. Crazy, I hate the Weverse Shop

4. Weverse Live is much better

5. Weverse is good, but Weverse Shop is a bit bad

6. Weverse is good

7. Weverse is good, the live quality is good, the server can handle the crowd of fans, but the Weverse Shop…

8. Weverse is good, but I really hate Weverse Shop

9. I love using Weverse

10. Weverse is free so I don’t think it should be compared with Bubble

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oh is it confirmed ?

Color color stan

Can’t believe i jist found out posts by sm artists are hidden behind paywalls 💀


No, it’s just a bonus for most. Only aespa doesn’t have other social media..

Logic Thinker

We all hate Weverse shop because the delivery … ☠️


shipping cost straight to your house is hell 🤕, I have to use a warehouse service to save up the shipping cost instead 🚶🏻


i dont buy anything from there lol i buy only albums in offline shops in my country.


Ooh interesting. What happens to Bubble then? There’s also their ‘Kwangya club’ where they post updates, what happens to that?

Also, comment #10, I recall reading that Weverse is also going to be monetized? But I haven’t read anything about it since, so maybe the source wasn’t credible?

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they will install a feature that is like bubble on weverse like weverse is still free but there are probably some parts/features that fans def have to pay to access

it’s like vlive before, there’s a vlive where everyone is free to access and vlive+ where people needs to pay to see the contents from vlive+ and both operated in the same app before


probably just membership content. because a lot of idols do stuff on the membership part of the app so only fans who pay see that


bubble is separate from all of that. , bubble is in dear u, half of which is owned by JYP, it seems independent from all the kakao-naver-hybe deal


bubble will still be around as a separate platform. it’s
been like that back then with vlive for live and lysn for fanclub things and then bubble for private messages. it can be weverse for lives, kwangya club for fanclub things, bubble for private messages


Yeah that makes sense! Weverse seems like a better option for lives than IG.

And I think they’ll continue to use Kwangya store for merch and albums…I don’t see SM selling through Weverse shop. But who knows, we’ll have to wait and see

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Teenaged puppy

There goes the neighborhood


Weverse live is good, but they gotta fix the chat moderation issue (if they haven’t already)


i hope it will just be like when they did vlive. do the lives on vlive and repost some stuff there, but other things are separate. its not too long since they transferred fanclub things to Kwangya Club


fuck that i dont want those plastic sm hags on weverse with hybe
go away


aside from weverse shop being rancid majority of the time. thank god. there was no way in hell I’d pay $5 or $6 a month for individual idol bubbles


they will still be doing bubble tho. just another app for lives just like when vlive was still around


SM stans would be having foams coming out of their mouths

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