What netizens say about ‘SM with HYBE’ creating an official account

SM with HYBE create an official account

HYBE retweet

1. I’m not a fan of both companies, but as long as SM singers keep releasing high quality albums, I don’t really care about the company’s problems… I’m a fan of the singer anyway, not a fan of the company

2. I really don’t know what HYBE is doing

3. This is so funnyㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ This is a black comedy

4. After seeing the title, I thought the takeover was signed

5. I don’t know why HYBE is so obsessed with taking over other companies, they should take good care of their artists

6. I understand it was created for voting rights, but if the takeover fails, will the account be deleted?

7. The account name is so funny

8. No, it’s for voting rights, but why are you guys laughing? Seems like a lot of people don’t understand

9. I don’t know what the problem is if it’s just a campaign account related to voting rights

10. This is the official account???? Really??? It makes me doubt my eyes

11. It’s not fan made, it’s official??

12. It’s like SM and HYBE are dating

13. What if the takeover fails? It will be so funny

14. It’s interesting to see what’s going on

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sm company stans are losers
they used to say exo was superior but they are old hags and bts are the worldwide superstars now their company bought sm
in your faces


Oh god, you are the loser.


‘old hags’…um…with the exception of JK, they’re all more or less in the same age group. Bfr 😭


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I think its smart way for hybe to make video aim for investors because after all, they are the one deciding who gonna take over. Also why people surprise to see hybe making a new acc for this? Wasnt people dragging SM for posting videos under SM account?


The reason is this: just last week people here were hehehahaing about SM being desperate and now Hybe also went ahead and did the exact same thing as SM – take to social media to forward their agendas to earn the shareholders’ trust and votes.

When will company stans understand that they’re both cut from the same cloth? They’re just businesses looking to accumulate profit and power.


This is not the same thing 💀💀 From what I saw, sm’s video was appealing to emotions and was not professional at all. They used fake stats and panicked/fear mongering language. Hybe has always been on social media giving updates from what I saw, the reason they didn’t get dragged is because their language and manner were professional + they didn’t invent a company fandom name and start saying the opposing party must die. Chris Lee and Co were so funny with that Instagram post lmfaoooo


Eh I wasn’t talking about what Chris Lee uploaded on his personal socmed. That was more about him picking a fight with his uncle.

Anyways, both are in essence doing the same thing. One party (SM) is trying to protect their own interests by telling their ‘fans’ to side with them, the other wants to invest in/own said party’s interests, and is asking SM’s fans to believe that they’ll do good for them.

In the end, both are trying to appeal to their (SM’s) shareholders and the public. Both are trying to shift public sentiment in their favor.

Neither is morally superior to the other.


Neither are morally superior to the other but one is objectively more professional than the other and their unprofessional attitude might actually make them lose this battle. Nobody likes being lied to, especially when it’s about their money.

The situation is urgent for them but they’re not keeping a cool head and are resulting to underhanded tactics (lying) to get people on their side. From what I saw, sm stans are believing what they say and the public is calling them basically desperate losers (at least in SoKor). They’re basically giving Hybe credibility for free. Shareholders seldom give in to emotional manipulation, they just care about money. When you show you’re emotionally unstable when pressed but youre running a business, that’s when they start jumping ship. They already made SM get to this point. Unless they can get most of the public on their side, this might backfire


That makes sense yeah, but SM has been on a self-sabotage spree for quite sometime now, so they’ve already failed IMO. It’s just the higher ups scrambling to retain as much as they can before they get taken over.

Like you said, SM lost its credibility already. I’m just against the holier-than-thou image that’s being assumed by certain stans – there’s no guarantee that either of these two will keep their promises. They only care about the $$$, not feelings and emotions. And in a cut throat situation like this, it’s common for businesses to use manipulation tactics. Hybe is subtle, SM is loud and brash. It’s just two sides of the same coin.

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the ‘let’s win together’ slogan threw me off a bit 😭

anyway comment no 1, this whole thing do affect the artists tbh like for now we don’t see it yet that much but after the shareholder’s meeting at the end of March, feels like we could probably see how the singers would be affected .

this is fun to watch and read, wonder if sm going to reply with a video next


1. I’m not a fan of both companies, but as long as SM singers keep releasing high quality albums, I don’t really care about the company’s problems… I’m a fan of the singer anyway, not a fan of the company

The plan is going well, SM artists are more vocally talented NCT and Aespa and in the last few years they have been receiving bad music/concept being their biggest problem, with hybe’s direction and good music they are finally going to be bigger, hybe is going to outshine to their own artists thanks to their ambition and I’m here for that. Hybe setting up their own group magnifying the enemy lmao

Color color stan

Eww SM 🤮🤮🤮


Hybe the company and their fans are both joke..shameless at that..


Seeing SM logo in yellow makes me wanna throw up already..🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮😔🤮


kpop dynamics are so fun to follow with, can’t wait to see bts fall down


Suga just sold out US tour during pre sale. BTS unstoppable n gonna do stadium tour once they back. Just worry your fave whether they going to renew contract or not.


keep waiting until you die. what a useless life


12. It‘s like SM and HYBE are dating

Am I the only one that found this comment hella funny


I think it’s the right moment for HYBE to make such videos/statements. For the last 3 weeks, SM released this type of videos full of lies and manipulated date, also Kakao is active in making mediaplay in Korea and we all know that all people that don’t like HYBE (and BTS) will believe in them. I liked how HYBE was so professional in this whole situation (they still are) but let’s be honest, shareholders and investors want results that will keep SM fans and if SM and Kakao are making such a mediaplay toward HYBE and HYBE would be still silent… It’s not good for the HYBE strategy. Bcs after all SM fans would have SM videos with lies and nothing from HYBE but korean articles. So HYBE has to be clear to the fans and investors. The majority of normal SM fans don’t want HYBE bcs they don’t know what HYBE wants to do with SM and at the same time SM is saying that HYBE is evil and SM artists will disband under HYBE.
I’m also happy that HYBE created a new channel for this bcs the last thing I wanted to see is this drama on the HYBE channel.


Yeah, with the weird way the other side has been so publicly mudslinging with this for so long, I was expecting some kind of public statement from Hybe’s side.


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I actually watched the videos and i think Hybe are doing charity here lol
I prefer Hybe let SM ruin themselves by selling their soul to Kakao since i’m petty like that

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5. I don’t know why HYBE is so obsessed with taking over other companies, they should take good care of their artists

Thissss. Pls make what you’re meant to do. Protect snd support your artist. Nowadays they’re failing spectacularly on this

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