What netizens say about Stray Kids ‘S-Class’ entering 100th place on Melon Top 100

Stray Kids entered Melon Top 100

100th placeㅋ

1. It’s the school bully group…. I almost congratulated if I didn’t see the comments

2. Wow.. digital and album sales.. the gap is too big..

3. This group seems to have the biggest gap between album sales and digital

4. I’m really curious, but they’re selling 5 million copies, but isn’t their ranking too low…?

5. What’s up with their ranking? Didn’t they sell 5 million copies?

6. Isn’t this a school violence group?

7. Wow congrats

8. Wow this is their career highㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

9. Stray Kids is really not popular in Korea

10. Congrats on entering the top 100

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