What netizens say about Taeyang – VIBE (ft. BTS Jimin)

Taeyang – VIBE (ft. BTS Jimin) Official MV

1. Jimin’s vocals don’t match my taste, but they match well here

2. The song is so good, I feel like Bruno Mars ㅋㅋㅋ ​​I have to listen to it while driving

3. Taeyang’s voice is so good and Jimin’s voice is good too

4. The song is so good and I’m so excited, both vocals are so good

5. Taeyang is so good, Jimin is so good, the two of them match well

6. The song is so good~ Jimin’s voice suits him so well!

7. It reminds me of Bruno Mars’ song

8. I listened to it for about 40 seconds and turned it off

9. The song is good, the melody is good too

10. Taeyang is really talented, he is the standard of good dancing and good singing

11. Jimin’s voice is so good

12. I like Jimin’s voice ㅠㅠ He seems to suit Taeyang

13. I really like the song ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ The melody is crazy

14. Jimin’s voice is really good ㅋㅋ The lyrics are not my style

15. I think the song is not good for the combination of the two of them

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Idk I feel underwhelmed. It’s not bad but not good either. It could’ve been better if they let it run longer than 3 mins.


Yeah music length right now is getting shorter but i can’t blame them. It helps the song get more streams and easily to play again.


Not to mention, people’s attention span is getting shorter too. Look at how popular short-form vids on Tiktok are.


I wish Jimin had more parts 🥺🥺


8. I listened to it for about 40 seconds and turned it off

And they say army are the most toxic , Y’ALL ARE BLIND AND WILL ALWAYS BE BLIND AND DUMB


That is probably a Bigbang fans. Only they are ones crying over this Collab


Army here, I think this collab was a waste of time. Like, I’m happy for Jimin getting to cross things off his bucket list, but otherwise this song isn’t one I expect to put on any playlist I make


I don’t like it much too only streaming for Jimin ..cuz he worked hard and even taeyang was grateful


I listened to it once.


I just saw the dance challenge on tt , and woah i didn’t see taeyang dance for a long time and he’s pretty good actually !!
I’m more impressed by how smooth Jimin’s moves , I couldn’t help but repeat the video so many times fr so satisfying

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I feel like they have different styles and both don’t suit this song or maybe the song is not my style

taeyang best style is “nose lips eyes” though it’s very old but it’s his best song ever
And for Jimin , he’s the only one can sing promise and filter those songs screams JIMIN
That’s what I think , don’t take it personally hehe I’m not even anyone’s fan


Yeah that’s what I feel too. I was excited for the collaboration but surprisingly this doesn’t sound like a collaboration but sounds like an bad mashup instead. Because their vocals, their styles, are clashing


“bad mashup” that’s exactly how I felt


Jimin worked hard on this so let’s give him what he deserves ARMY


The song is so good! it’s super catchy and grows really well. It’s also interesting how their singing styles are a bit different, but they still match. Also, that bridge with Jimin singing in that soft tone! Oh man!


I think I would like it more if they put it on edits or more tt challenges


The song is not that good it’s bellow my expectation. So underwhelming


Not bad, not good. Underwhelming.


I didn’t like it much , but I hope they promote it together on music shows it will be way better live with fans cheers and all


it sounds like it’s from 2nd gen tbh but overall it’s a nice song , it’s really makes you VIBEEEEES , they go to the studio with vibes all up in their mind while making this song 😭


I think people who were expecting Ringa Linga type sound would be dissapointed, but I actually really like this? Its winter so I think songs like this work better.

Plus you can hear their voices way better in a song like this.


I don’t like the song at all. It looks and sounds like it was made in 2012. Jimin, however sounded so good. His voice is so unique


jm’s voice ruined the song :/


He carried the song wheather u like it or not , STAY MAD


Her voice is so annoying


Go to school kiddo ur Grammer’s sucks


To criticize his voice, you listened to the song or searched for the name of the song. You are unwillingly helping Jimin 💀


I gave it one stream and that’s it. I love Jimin but this song is not my style. The production on Jimin’s voice was the highlight. The best I’ve heard from him in awhile. Pdogg should take note.


Not the Pdogg hate 😤


Is this the guy that kpoppies have been dragging Jimin for? His song and mv was trash. no wonder he had to beg Jimin for two years for a collab. Jimin got his check and dipped


Please don’t be rude!!
Collaboration means no one is begging.. it meant for working together on the same thing & create together.. many industry have collaboration songs and your comment leads to artists who collab each other means begging each othere??.. if you don’t like this song, you can just comment which states your dislike and leave. Don’t attack on the artists who worked hard on it.


Beloved, I do not carrrrreeeee. Flopyang admitted to stalking Jimin and begging for a collab for two years. Take it up with the Lordt if you’re mad about it. Jimin got paid and that’s all that matters.

Meanwhile, you bypassed the shit talking on Jimin in this post and headed straight for me so you can play moral police for Flopyang. FOH immediately


Jimin carried 😎


The only problem I have is that Jimin takes a long time to appear, otherwise the song sounds good, it has choreography, I don’t know if it will be a dance practice. You did great, Jimin. 


i’m just gonna say jimin’s voice saved the song. it adds more flavor to a bland song. yeah Teddy is really outdated now there’s no denying it anymore


Tired song. Jimin carried, just like we expected


I don’t get the vibe or the massage of the song , it feels incomplete…
I’m not a fan of Jimin or his voice , but I think some of his parts were good and the rest of the song is boring , idk y….


Loved the story behind how the collab happened and Taeyang sharing how he accidentally added other “Jimin” in group chat and met her/him for a meal. 😭🤣

WhatsThe Point

Teddy has been keeping tabs on BTS schedules for 2years damn.
The song is good, a bit underwhelming but jimin does justice for his feature

Hi, I'm Guest

I like the song more than I thought I would. “yk, we got that VIBEEEE~” keep repeating in my head. Ah, Jiminaa~ u did great. U too Taeyang


mid song


Jimin’s vocals ruined the song. Not surprised.


Could have been a good collab with a different song, but this one is lazy and dated.


It seems to be an easy, feel-good track to dance to, and I’m glad to see Jimin in a lot of it.

I didn’t expect it to be so short and felt it could’ve gone on another 30s if they did more with the song’s structure and sound.

I do think they didn’t utilize the different ranges and textures of Jimin’s voice as much as they could have, esp in the adlibs (bc when they did, it was mostly just at that last 30secs, which is why I thought the song could’ve been drawn out longer).


It’s a song… I’m kinda underwhelmed tbh🥲 I wanna see a live version to see their vibe on stage, will there be stages?


Ngl, it feels kinda underwhelming. I like Jimin’s voice here though. Cmiiw, but I think he has more lines? It’s giving:


Love you Jimin you’ve worked hard 💜


jimin sounds like a squeaky dying pig, over a decade in the industry and still no vocal lessons


Jimin ruined it!! would sound better with Jungkook’s vocals

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