What netizens say about TWICE “MOONLIGHT SUNRISE” MV

TWICE pre-release english track “MOONLIGHT SUNRISE” M/V

Pre-release song from 12th mini album in March

1. The song is so good ㅠㅠ

2. But why did they release an English song?

3. I want to go to one of their concerts in the US

4. The song is good, but it would be better if it was in Korean, I don’t understand why they made it in English

5. Mina’s voice is so good

6. The song is so good and the kids are so pretty

7. It’s a pity that their songs are always the same, I just wish they released a Korean song

8. Wow everyone is so talented and pretty

9. I don’t know if this song is good or not but I like TWICE members’ voices

10. I like Chaeyoung’s rap part

11. The song is so good, JYP, please release a song like this in Korea

12. I liked the song, so I added it to my playlist right away

13. Chaeyoung’s rap and Momo’s voice are really good

14. It’s better than expected, the song suits Momo’s voice so well

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