What netizens say about TWICE “MOONLIGHT SUNRISE” MV

TWICE pre-release english track “MOONLIGHT SUNRISE” M/V

Pre-release song from 12th mini album in March

1. The song is so good ㅠㅠ

2. But why did they release an English song?

3. I want to go to one of their concerts in the US

4. The song is good, but it would be better if it was in Korean, I don’t understand why they made it in English

5. Mina’s voice is so good

6. The song is so good and the kids are so pretty

7. It’s a pity that their songs are always the same, I just wish they released a Korean song

8. Wow everyone is so talented and pretty

9. I don’t know if this song is good or not but I like TWICE members’ voices

10. I like Chaeyoung’s rap part

11. The song is so good, JYP, please release a song like this in Korea

12. I liked the song, so I added it to my playlist right away

13. Chaeyoung’s rap and Momo’s voice are really good

14. It’s better than expected, the song suits Momo’s voice so well

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But why did they release an English song?

Because they can!!! Why is that matter to you mf


It’s a pity that their songs are always the same, I just wish they released a Korean song

Always the same??? You must be deaf


The lyrics tho 😳😳😳


Everyone wants that western validation now


I mean they are the best selling kpop gg in US right now. It’s stupid if they don’t ride the momentum


best selling? but not streaming? all they have is that 1 best selling?. Jyp group always have best selling but streaming number was lower than other groips


They were the most streamed gg in spotify last year both in US and Japan . Two of the the biggest music markets


so western in your mind is US only? seriously? And despite being best selling they cant chart ob billboard hot100? even the rookie NJ could do that with korean song.

John. Xina

Not everyone has 150 million paid playlisting deals like NewJeans does. 90% of their charting is coming from playlisted Spotify streams lol.


so does twice. sales coming from fans but their fans failed to stream harder to get them on bbhot100. NJ songs viral everywhere that’s why people include in the playlist but twice… hmmm. still not answering my question about the western country lol.


What are playlisted Spotify streams


Just another loser in the mix of twice antis. You people have no ambition or desire whatsoever. Will never do anything better in your life. Will stay jealous and bitter with mental health problems till your last breath. Can never enjoy your life. And will still be wondering how twice is so successful. When this useless question of your can be answered quickly just by looking at yourself and twice on big articles. Once a loser will always be a loser.


Twice big article? where? no news about them but I do see article about 4th gen gg slaying hard last year and this year. Why should i be jealous with a group that cant even charted on their home country?


Its not twice or my problem if your toadhead can only see your faves articles whom you definitely follow. And if you were not jealous you wouldn’t be under this tweet at the first point. Your ugliness is dripping down this whole screen. And stop using join as your name when I have first hand encountered you leaving gate comments for BTS in other articles on this page. Grow up. The people you hate are million times more successful and richer than you.


join? so i cant use joon? oh you mean i use joon because of namjoon?! really??? lol how small is your brain? first you thought western=us now joon=namjoon. Go outside and touch some grass will you?. Nahhh…if twice making big article, it will trending everywhere but nope they dont have article trending. I dont care if they rich, i happy with my life tho. I’m not like you feeling miserable just because someone talking fact about their idol cant make to the top anymore.


Hmmm but I am not the one acting miserable on an article am I nor am I starting or spewing any shit online. You are. And according to legends people like you are most miserable among the miserable. And I know you are not happy in your life cause if you really were you wouldn’t be here hating on another human in first place.


lol ur reply not related to my comment anymore. showing you dont have any point to proof. who’s the one making effort with attached photo here? you, not me. go stream harder. not even this pannkpop site talking about their chart achievement. I thought fans like you could make one.


Rookie nj had 500 payola playlists on Spotify. If twice paid for 500 payola playlists, they’d prob be in hot100 too.

Or when nj is in their 8th year and mhj can’t spend on payola, underpriced bags+free albums, ads and are using their profits to support 4 other grps, will nj even chart on melon.


since when playlist is payola? learn about payola before talking mate. Twice use youtube ads even few years after debut is a shame and I might call it payola too.


Sorry the westerners want them and they’re on demand there. What else you expect them to do? Jean Carlo if you’re jealous just say it.

Last edited 4 months ago by Guest

so i guess they dont have demand in korea anymore


Why stay in a bowl when you can swim in a pond? Lol.


So you agreed they’re not on demand in korea. ok mate


It’s funny to see totally careerless and loser type of people questioning twice’s demand anywhere. Twice will literally buy your whole existence in their travel money and you will still question their demand. Bich have some kind of shame. Look at yourself in the mirror then at twice from your cracked phone screen. Compare that then question twice demand.


Well they are in demand in western countries so they will obviously fulfill it. What’s it to you…


They need that because they’re falling in their own country. I thought they’re Nation Girl Group but seems like even korean general public dont give a fuck about their song. Carlie Puth the western artist could chart on kchart but not the so called nation gg🤭


What about you…where are you in demand…the way you write I dont think even your parents want you. Such a demandless person you are. Well twice will be making millions after millions and you will still be wondering what demand twice has while looking through your cracked screen phone and thousands of unpaid bills.


am i an idol? nope. so are you. demandless? lol. go stream their song dont waste time here. Must be a SEA fan.


Wow a racist at its finest. I don’t have anything else to say to a nugu person who clearly don’t even own a penny to buy their faves album but has lots of nerves to say shit about twice online. Twice are doing great by staying relevant meanwhile you and your life aren’t.


thinking u are from SEA is a racist? now i bet you’re still in school. you’re a nugu too stop acting like you’re somebody on this pannkpop site. Ok i agree they are doing everything they can to stay relevant. my comment is relevant enough for you to keep on reply;)


The only thing relevant about you is maybe….hmmm…absolutely nothing. Your life character comments everything is irrelevant. And you assumed that I can be from sea just because I wrote something to save twice is another hidden character of a racist person. Grow up before your life teaches you in a harsh way.
I am not the one hating on someone unnecessarily on this site. You are. And if you are not in school then you must be an adult and you are here! Of all places! Now you dragged yourself only. On your ripe af age shouldn’t you be on linkdin or Glassdoor looking for a job rather than being on this site hating on already successful people.
Let me guess you must be twice’ age only that’s why this much bitterness. Seeing twice making loads of cash and being loved meanwhile you…If ai were you I wouldn’t even return here.


see, you cant help but reply long ass comment here. you & me wasting time on this site and you are better? lol. I can get money without making comeback every year like ur fave. and I dont need to be like you acting like your fave money is yours. I can even make money while entertain you here. now come on share with me what other kpop gg chart they break with this comeback?


Let me guess you are this joon one and this another bitter guest one too right? You really be changing up your names just to hate on twice. Twice money is not mine. Nor their fame is any way mine. But I can assure you twice is making million bucks just by breathing. I am not going to say about me in any way. Cause it’s not me who is being the problematic person it’s you, joon or guest or whatever the f you are. I don’t have time to waste on hating on any group or person who is clearly more successful than me. I am not the bitter one in here it’s just you. Hope you wake up from your delusion that you are oh so great person. That’s why I am not even going to bother to reply to your joon and other guest username when its obvious that all three person writing hate comments about twice in here is only you.
Read this and now don’t expect me to be here. If you reply to me then you will be the most miserable person on the face of earth and no one else. Cause it was almost 4 days but you still came with your joon and other guest account to spill bs more. Now if this is not the miserable situation then what else is.


I know this statement totally fits you


Guest account reply to Guest account. Totally fits you


You thought this was a drag but oh dear your whole life is a drag from starting till whenever it ends. Dont worry about me, worry about how you are even gonna fit in this society without another person slapping tf out of you because of your annoying face and character.


which part of my words did I worry about you? 🤦‍♀️


At least they called as national girl group. What about you? You are fat and no social life and you smelling so bad


Glad you agreed the title just in the past.


Maybe its time for you to agree that you are not more than a loser with no social life whatsoever


Twice have a demand in the west, so why not go where you are wanted? Why are you tryna shame them for that?


i really like the song

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