What netizens say about why Aespa’s comeback was delayed

SM Lee Sung Soo reveals why Aespa’s comeback was delayed

1. 4th generation female idols all have good concepts and do well, but it’s only Aespa that I don’t understand what they’re doing

2. Seeing them make unreasonable requests about Aespa’s song and their comeback being delayed, I’m worried about NCT

3. Is he using singers for his greed? Is he crazy?

4. I’ve searched and looked at SM’s recent albums and songs, but there’s a lot more ‘tree planting’ and ‘sustainability’ than I thought

5. I feel bad for Aespa

6. Wow, it’s beyond imagination, I don’t know what to say

7. No matter how you look at it, it seems Bang Si Hyuk was moved by Lee Soo Man’s ambition?

8. That’s why Got the Beat songs are so low quality

9. When he was wanted by Interpol in the past, he should have been arrested

10. This is the most important moment for Aespa, but I feel bad for them because their comeback has been delayed

11. Do you believe this? This was revealed before the general meeting of shareholders

12. If I were an fan of Aespa, I’d be sad and cry… Wow seriously… What is this?

13. Aespa is so pitiful

14. Lee Soo Man uses SM for his own desires

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there was no reason for him to mention aespa like the fight is between chris lee & lee soman


There was reason for him. It makes the normal gp and shareholders on his side more. Obviously. Before hybe plans to release a statement to once again claim that they mean no harm and also do share why did they even buy lsm shares in such a low rate in first place.


well kakao also bought sm shares at an even lower rate than hybe


I never said kakao was pure…I only mentioned hybe cause they are the ones who bought the shares. If kakao had bought it and things would be like this then also I would have written the same statement.
Dude it’s not fanwar. I am only writing as per business perspective. Why will I involve someone who had no name on that share. Like be fr.


I just pointed out about that last sentence duh stop being agressive and if you read my comments in every posts related to this , I never make it into a fanwar anyway.


Yes and as per the last statement hybe is the one who bought the shares on low rates not kakao. So even if kakao is the main villian, still they are not the ones owning that share. Hybe are the owners so the statement needs to be released by them not kakao.
And i am not the one being aggressive. I am just pointing out the facts that many of you are missing. Are you sitting on board meetings with any of them that you are so much sure that what they are doing is right…?
Like stan the artists but you ppl are fvcking fighting a war against the fvckig multi million dollars companies now…and especially in those things which most of you don’t even have any single idea about what really happens. And now you can call me aggressive cause now I am. Before I was only answering and replying to your doubts about my statement like a debate.


Stop lying. When Hybe bought LSM’s shares at 120k/share, SM ent’s shares were trading at around 100k/share only. Meanwhile Kakao bought shares at 91k/share, below market rate. It was kakao who lowballed.


Give me the data from where you are gathering your information…you know what k means…and don’t give me a fvcking pann articles…news articles and buisness articles. That’s what I need.


Here the bloomberg article on how much hybe bought sm shares from lsm: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2023-02-15/sm-entertainment-shares-rise-above-hybe-s-tender-offer-price?srnd=deals

And here’s the business korea article on how much kakao bought sm shares:


Here the bloomberg article on how much hybe bought sm shares from lsm: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2023-02-15/sm-entertainment-shares-rise-above-hybe-s-tender-offer-price?srnd=deals

And here’s the business korea article on how much kakao bought sm shares:


You must be terrible at debates then. You’re the one who went off tangent and brought up fanwars; @jia just mentioned that hybe wasn’t the only ones buying shares at low rates, which if you were being business-focused like you claimed, you could’ve just used that to explain how that compares to how hybe’s buying was similar or different from kakao’s.

And if you just wanted to go on a rant abt fanwars, then how abt not projecting onto ppl who haven’t even said anything abt it?


But what has kakao seems to do with anything in here. You must be pretty terrible at debate cause you are missing the whole big point over here which is who at the end bought the shares! Why will I involve someone else in this convo when their only involvement in all of this was they were also interested in buying the shares at as low rates as possible. But did they bought the shares? No they didn’t. I have been staying in put with my original comment which is hybe is the one who bought the shares. But you are the people who keep on bringing kakao in this over and over again. Like what I have to do with fvckass kakao with any of this.
Fvck you illiterate peoples in here who don’t know how discussions are meant to be held. Do this in company and get kicked out immediately IDC!
Fvck hybe fvck sm fvck kakao fvck cj major fvck to all of you. Bye I am done. It’s said true never give out free knowledge to peoples who dont even wanna learn in first place. Fvckass mfs idiotic imbeciles


Are you ret@rded or you can’t really read what is trying to say over and over again. I am just reading you people’s convo as an outsider and I can’t help but say this the only person acting normal is them. They aren’t the ones making it fanwar but you people are. Please once again read what they said.


IThe only point I made was that was going off tangent to get needlessly mad abt fanwars to sm1 who didn’t even bring it up. Sad you find that behavior “normal.”


Also as the matter of fact hybe can either se their shares atp or release a statement. Idk the third option cause i am not sitting on board meetings with them. But from normal view perspective these are the only available options. To make sh not turn away from them.
If share holders will not support them then hybe will only be a biggest shareholder but they can’t put forward any decisions in front of the board meetings…


When any one call hybe out yall mention kako who even said kakao is pure? We know they are all shit they both wabt the same thing(sm) and monopoly but yall act like hybe want to save kpop while kako want to ruin it 🤣 they both want money


and am I saying hybe is an angel around here ? you talked to a wrong person , go dump this whole crap and paragraphs on someone that actually praises Hybe on these stuffs , not me who not siding with both sides


Between and hybe and Kakao, hybe is better no? Kakao ran that hate blog that slandered idols.


but kakao also did the same thing even much lower than hybe like even align wants hybe to pay even more while they are on the side of kakao & even said kakao isn’t to pay more either


But kakao isn’t the one owning the lsm share rn…it is hybe so why will I involve them in this…and obviously they would have known too…like be fr…please read buisness articles more

Logic Thinker

Hybe paid LSM shares a lot… not with a low price ☠️ sm stocks just hit 130k and hybe paid them 120k way before ☠️

And hybe released a statement saying the contract has clauses that undisclosed stuff is nullified and that SM/LSM never said anything about that. Chris lee is not the victim he is playing … he let LSM doing all that illegal stuff ☠️

And all the stuff Hybe said is prove also with the propostal for the Ceo/Chairman elections.. no creative director proposed but all legal/financial people

bunny is a rider

and the reason of this fight is about the company of the future
not a surprise so many shareholders was with Chris when he decided betray his uncle


Dont care. Already floped.


This was definitely made up to get people to side with Kakao lmao


is aespa lying then when they said they liked the title track and the choreography for that tt before this whole thing got scrapped ?

It is what it is

That’s what makes his statement more believable, Karina talked about the delay of this comeback through bubble


NCT failure put SM into this position lmfao 🤣


NCT didn’t fail🙃
Stop acting like an a&&hole and drop this mean girl personality for good now


aespa’s washed up anyways…


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