What netizens say about YG denying BLACKPINK Rosé’s drug rumors

BLACKPINK side, takings strong action against Rosé’s drugs rumors from China “aberrant falsehood”

YG Entertainment, BLACKPINK’s agency, told Newsen on April 13, “The rumors related to BLACKPINK’s Rosé, which have been spreading in some online communities and SNS, are blatantly false”

On the 12th, rumors of BLACKPINK Rosé taking drugs broke out, mainly in China. Chinese entertainment media such as Sina Entertainment News also reported on Rosé’s drug use suspicions

1. (((((((((Rosé))))))))) Why did they do this to our Rosé? I hope it won’t happen like this again

2. It really crossed the line

3. Why are BTS fans doing this?

4. I find all these rumors really weird

5. Look at the accounts that are spreading rumors about Rosé on Twitter, they are BTS fans

6. Why are people in BTS members’ fandoms so cruel?

7 .I didn’t know and was surprised when I went on Twitter

8. I hope YG will sue them and punish them all

9. What are you guys talking about? Why is Jimin mentioned in Rosé’s post?

10. Jimin’s fans harassed Jisoo a while ago, but this time it’s Rosé, please stop

11. Is there any reason for BTS fans to spread rumors about Rosé?

12. Are they fans of Jimin?

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wasn’t it a blink who posted and started the rumour



Call one

It was a Lisa Stan


It was a stupid joke then ratmys made malicious comments

Hi, I'm Guest

Just like how the og ‘joke’ from that 1 blonk, the ARMYs also accidentally joke about it. Midpink stans w their 1 dead braincell can’t take a joke me guess😌

mother dozen

kblinks are just as delusional as the braindead iblinks woah😭 they’re such asslickers who’d def turn a blind eye on the rape, suicide, and transphobic “jokes” the international fandom makes not only to bts but EVERYONE. i saw a blink dragging black armys for no reason calling them “darkmies.” just a cesspool of miserable people. i hope a karmy or an iarmy who speaks korean posts one day on a kforum the horrible things these people say but i know it won’t go anywhere bc trust knetz will bootlick yg and blackpink no matter what.

Ladyboy lisa

They really want to paint blinks as some saint fandom while blinks never stop from day one calling all sorts of name to bts and twice members 😭

Ladyboy lisa

Blink having amnesia 😭, still no clarification tho from the guy who deleted the picture 😂 i guess he can’t explain it 😔


Lmao this bitch was so loud the last time, but since yg already denied and taking legal actions ure still not satisfied?? Typical jobless army always on bp business

Ladyboy lisa

They didn’t deny tho just threaten to sue 😂


Read the article again stupid ass loser

Ladyboy lisa

It’s not like it was weird rumours, she just continuing yg tradition 😂


Focus on yall mission to sue billboard dumb btch

Ladyboy lisa

Should’ve focus jisoo to chart first 😂


The audacity when she’s occupying top 5 in charts. Can’t say the same for suga 🤣

Ladyboy lisa

U talking about billboard 😂🤣 not spotify where SEA farming only works

Hi, I'm Guest

You came for Yoongi’s non official tt bcs you can’t come for Park Jimin 🤭. Compare to stiffsoo’s looooooooooonnnnnggggggggggg aWaITeD hiGh bUDgEt solo debut 🥴

Last edited 7 months ago by Hi, I'm Guest

why is jimin in it when everything we’ve ever said about jisoo during her solo was in retaliation to what blinks have been saying about jimin? in fact, blinks are currently trying to hide the humilation of jisoo not even making it to the top 100 by dragging jimin’s fall like he wasn’t top 50 with set me free. blinks were literally encouraging each other to stream her solo while qrting the encore tweet?! and if we get into it, blinks were the first ones to accuse jimin of doing coke way back in 2019 in paris when he was just having a drink at a club so why are they playing victim now? not to mention the black lungs jokes they make about taehyung. just a bunch of men and pick mes playing victims.

Call one

Wow knets blinks are just like western blink they both act delusional when they start shit and act like victims after jisoo fans harassed jimin than army’s acted petty and than blinks kept attacking jimin so they just kept the rose scandal going when it was a Lisa Stan who started it. With her drug thing


It was a joke but y’all already started spreading fake sht, we need to kill ratmies at this point

Hi, I'm Guest

ARMY are joking too??? Why are guys so uptight?

Color color stan

They gonna sue their own fans? Lol also laughing at blinks who really think armys from around the world are gonna go to jail when sojang and dave disci are still free making lies and rumors about idols. Good luck to yg, i guess 🤭


we don’t care 🤗


Yg said the same abt ikon member lmao

Last edited 7 months ago by JeanCarlo

I wanna see them trying lol
Rose junkie
Rose drug addict


Really…its getting so ridiculous!!! The one who spread the lie was blonk. But they wanted to point the blame to Army really bad. No wonder those international.blonk would.be so crooked too. Their korean counterpart are the SAME.

A victim card was showed here and there. They dragged jimin because his voice crack, and yet…they claimed we dragged Jisoo?!! We only gave back their bitter balls. They didn’t have right to criticize Jimin when the one being compare is Jisoo who’s singing voice isn’t equal to even Kpop female idols like Jiyo or Hwasa.


It was a fandom joke just like y’all joke about toto suking jonkok dik

Hi, I'm Guest

ARMY are joking too tho? Why so butthurt?


Xinnie the Pooh try to create fake news because Blackpink is Biden favourite


Come on it’s obvious they do drugs and get drunk before events the amount of blinks that always talk about that is just Korea infantilizating again

Like Crazy

They never threaten to sue people who call them sluts. That prove they really are prostitutes

Teenaged puppy

Knetz and blinks acting dumb

Teenaged puppy

And YG threatening internationals is funny. Especially when his own fandom drags his girlies the most. Court day would be full of white twinks if he could do it

Last edited 7 months ago by Teenaged puppy
honest bts fan

bts fans should worry about jimin’s reputation going down like his hot100 position (like momo lol) after that mess of an encore and fraudulent comeback. Knetz will always defend bp and rosé and will not be giving them 40 million views cause they can’t sing

Hi, I'm Guest

His reputation ain’t going nowhere. At least not where antis wants it to be like their deluded imagination 🤭 should keep on eyes on midpink so they don’t get near another drugs scandal they love to socialize with western artists/influencer that live a meter away from drugs farm. I mean ms jenni already in a literally full of naked, drug consuming show soooo…..

Hi, I'm Guest

We ARMY would like to implement dumblonks defense mechanism by saying “It’s just a stupid joke!😅” dumblonks no need to be so uptight about a stupid joke 🤭

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