What netizens say about YG denying BLACKPINK Rosé’s drug rumors

BLACKPINK side, takings strong action against Rosé’s drugs rumors from China “aberrant falsehood”

YG Entertainment, BLACKPINK’s agency, told Newsen on April 13, “The rumors related to BLACKPINK’s Rosé, which have been spreading in some online communities and SNS, are blatantly false”

On the 12th, rumors of BLACKPINK Rosé taking drugs broke out, mainly in China. Chinese entertainment media such as Sina Entertainment News also reported on Rosé’s drug use suspicions

1. (((((((((Rosé))))))))) Why did they do this to our Rosé? I hope it won’t happen like this again

2. It really crossed the line

3. Why are BTS fans doing this?

4. I find all these rumors really weird

5. Look at the accounts that are spreading rumors about Rosé on Twitter, they are BTS fans

6. Why are people in BTS members’ fandoms so cruel?

7 .I didn’t know and was surprised when I went on Twitter

8. I hope YG will sue them and punish them all

9. What are you guys talking about? Why is Jimin mentioned in Rosé’s post?

10. Jimin’s fans harassed Jisoo a while ago, but this time it’s Rosé, please stop

11. Is there any reason for BTS fans to spread rumors about Rosé?

12. Are they fans of Jimin?

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