What netizens say after Big Hit denies BTS RM’s marriage rumors

BTS RM, unexpected marriage rumors… Big Hit “Legal action against false rumors and malicious rumors”

1. He doesn’t have dating rumors, but he has marriage rumorsㅋㅋㅋㅋ I guess he will have divorce rumors next time

2. Last time, HYBE didn’t even deny V’s dating rumors, but now they’re saying that RM’s marriage rumors aren’t true

3. When I saw the article, I thought it was quite funny

4. Crazy, why are you creating and spreading bull$hit rumors like this?

5. Why are there so many malicious rumors about BTS?

6. Leave Namjoon alone, seriously

7. What are marriage rumors? …. I only knew that such malicious rumors were being spread after reading the article

8. I’m a fan, but I didn’t even know about this rumor

9. Seeing this, I think it’s true that V and Jennie are dating

10. No, I’m not really surprised because it’s so absurd

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Ok so it’s true then that Jennie and V are dating. Nice.


NO but the “V and Jennie” thing… they didnt responded like for the others Because it’s literally useless … like they didn’t responded even to the Nayeon Jhope one or Rose Jhope… like lol why? The pic is too strange to be true…

just lurking

Jhope rumors are baseless and created by trolls on pann while Taennie made into tv news and multiple trending on naver and included most famous idol in korea Gdragon


This a marriage not just dating news and I believe this news came from that YouTube channel that hybe is suing so denying the rumour will help them in suing that channel


Hybe is picky about which news they need to address, if it give hybe an advantage just stay silent. If not, immediately confirm/deny

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“why didn’t they deny the taehyung jennie rumors?!”

They denied taehyung’s rumors with that other chaebol. Think of the pattern of who they deny about and who they don’t. They only deny if the other party is not a celebrity.

just lurking

They denied suran and lee yubi


BigHit never consistent with dating rumors. Maybe they clarified according to member request? Jin-Lee Gokjoo rumor afaik never been addressed by BigHit. It was quite big and LGJ even clarified it herself.

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just lurking

DKDKTV were talking about a top bg and gg member dating back in january 2021 their clues were both fandoms hates each other, female idol is neither a rapper or vocalist but definitely not a dancer, male idol has a noticeable changed of image.. some of the viewers on patreon guesses were jennie/jisoo taehyung/jimin/jungkook but now it’s clear its taennie and i remember they talk about the jennie-gd dating after dispatch reported they were dating their impression was meh 🤷


how would DKDKTV know? seems like a predictable guess to make

just lurking

One of the presenter’s (danny) friends works at hybe. he said back in 2019 the company freak out after one of their top idol exposes his arm tattoo this idol has a sweet and innocent image and his group has an wholesome image so they sent them in a vacation bc they don’t want their endorsements to be affected so what they did was “test the water” by allowing to show a few tattoos thankfully the international fandom didn’t react negatively but in korea it kinda hurt the idol’s sweet image


danny the problematic dude? lol he always say shit out of his mouth and literally can make his “friend” fired for that


Jennie is a rapper wtf….. plus if it’s true then they can come out with that and say cause the relationship is already out. So no worries no one will sue them.


so that’s what you jobless hags are doing on their patreon, good to know.


n people still believe rumour from Sojang Youtube??


VxJ is probably real but BH didn’t say anything about HobixRose too


V and jennie was only a false dating rumor while this is a MARRIAGE rumor, ofc Big Hit will respond 🙄

peaches ♡

yall are acting goofy about who they denied and didn’t deny. its pretty clear that theyre denying rumors that started on sojang channel, the one theyre suing and it seems like this way theyre collecting proof of defamation and invasion of privacy. they ignored taes rumors bc it was from twitter, they also ignored hobi and rose/nayeon rumors bc it wasnt started by sojang(if we go by what yall are saying that not denying- dating, then have a happy poly relationship 💀)


J/v rumors was big to the point it was covered by national news channel, trending on naver with million views, big news reporter officially asked both agency to clarify about the pic. I’m not saying they are dating but if pic is really edit then they should clarify it.


so absurd

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this make me believe the taennie rumour


guess we will be getting even more stupid rumors now, fun.

hope they’re all enjoying their break even with the way their country is treating them. if I was them I would be living overseas forever.

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