What netizens say after seeing BTS V’s unedited pictures

BTS V’s unedited pictures

Seriously, he looks so f*cking handsome

[+540, -105]

1. [+217, -29] I also saw the gif, his aura and visuals are really good

2. [+192, -26] He looks so pretty

3. [+94, -11] Wow seriously, V gets a lot of attention all the time. Wherever he goes, they talk about himㅋ

4. [+82, -10] Everyone who uploaded the video said V is ‘Unreal’ㅋㅋㅋ They are even fans of other groups

5. [+61, -7] As soon as V put on these Celine sunglasses, they said they were all sold outㅋㅋ The shoes that V was wearing were also sold out

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