What people say about BLACKPINK Jisoo ‘Flower’ setting record on the UK official singles chart

BLACKPINK Jisoo ‘Flower’ sets record on the UK official singles chart

‘FLOWER’ debuts at #38

1st place in solo history of female K-Pop artists

Highest ‘debut’ score among female K-Pop artists

2nd female K-Pop artist in history to enter the top 40 on the UK official singles chart

[+64, -11]

1. [+23, -5] She’s doing well in both Korea and overseas, the song is good

2. [+22, -6] It has almost no English lyrics.. Jisoo is so cool

3. [+19, -5] It’s a Korean song. This is amazing

4. [+17, -1] Jisoo is so coolㄷㄷ

5. [+15, -1] Wow Jisoo is daebak

6. [+6, -0] Wow, the lyrics are all in Korean, she’s daebak

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But no post about jimin debuted at #8 n being only 2nd kpop act after BTS to debut top10. Jimin even maintained at #16 at 2nd week. Even bp cant enter top20 without collab(#17 sour candy). Good for her, but when its come to BTS, people like to downplay their achievements while hyping up much lesser achievements of other kpop acts.


because everyone knows with army power bts members could chart higher. Even his fart might get number 1 except in korean chart. But korean like jisoo untalented voice, i guess


Translate by yourself duh. Why are you downplaying a woman achievements. Shes doing great with korean song. Yall just cant accept that all bp member are doing great especially on korean chart (except lisa…well nobody still cant touch money popularity on international side)


I dont want to post as (User Post). I want admin post it. Also left n right are bigger internationally. Lets not pretend its not exist. Dreamers even has highest debut streams. I know jungkook about to break tons of records. Anyway, its not about not accepting bp doing well, its about the biasness on how you guys can have post much lesser achievements of bp but not for BTS. BTS even has post downplaying their no1 bb hot100. Bp could never lol. Like jimin 2nd week on UK chart(#16) even higher than bp highest charting(#17 sour candy) on UK chart lol.


Lmao go camping somewhere else, this is jisoo and only jisoo achievement. Yall are fckg annoying

Ladyboy lisa

Are we supposed to clap for this 😅


That’s a really horrible result from someone coming from a “big group” as their fans claim them to be


People are making it sound worse than it really is – the uk charts are difficult for kpop groups to chart highly in. Even bts have yet to get a no.1 on UK charts and they released all english songs like butter and dynamite


Longetivity matters. She is out of all. Charts jz after 3 days. And she is really a mid performer

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