What should idols do if they want to gain popularity overseas

If idols want to gain popularity overseas

What is the most important factor?? Do they need to be good at singing live?? Do they need to sing well and have good performances too?

1. Company

2. The company does well and sincerely

3. They need to have good performances and be good at singing live. They need to have good skills and good choreography. The lyrics and songs are good.. These are the basics. Last but not least, they should debut under big company

4. They need good concepts and songs

5. Company, there are foreign members too

6. 1. Company is the most important; 2. Producers, they should be able to write and compose their own songs; 3. Concept + worldview

7. They need to sing live well, perform well, the relationship between the members is like a family

8. If they perform well on stage and sing well, they will get good responses

9. If you look at companies, it’s important to do well on stage

10. Money

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