What song makes you cry the most when listening to it?


1. SWJA ‘Run With Me’

2. Lee So Ra ‘Song Request’

3. Big Mama ‘Chenyum’

4. IU ‘Knees’

5. Jonghyun ‘End of a Day’

6. Sondia ‘Grown Ups’

7. Lee So Ra ‘Track 9’

8. IU ‘Lullaby’

9. Bolbbalgan4 ‘To My Youth’

10. The Nuts ‘Love Fool’ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ When I broke up with my first love… I cried all morning while listening to this song…

11. Jonghyun ‘Before Our Spring’, the lyrics are so sad

12. SF9 ‘Shine Together’.. I cried while watching the MV even though I’m not a fan

13. Apink ‘The Wave’

14. BTS ‘Lost’

15. Choi Yu Ree ‘Wish’

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