What’s more surprising is that this group hasn’t received Daesang yet


I’m really surprised

1. Because they have few comebacks and their album has few songs

2. Too bad, it’s YG’s fault

3. I was surprised. I thought they got the Daesang many times…

4. Comeback every 2 years…

5. To get Daesang, you have to do a comeback at the beginning of the year or twice a year, but they didn’t…ㅋㅋ

6. I was surprised, but even if they don’t win Daesang, they’re still so popular

7. They come back every 2 years, but they even come out in the second half of the year

8. When their results are good, there is always a group that explodes, so there is nothing they can do

9. They can’t, there’s always a group that’s better than them

10. There are a lot of groups that do better than them during the year, right?

11. Wow… I didn’t know that

12. But even if they don’t win awards at domestic awards ceremonies, they still do well

13. They didn’t attend awards ceremonies in Korea

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