What’s surprising is that this girl group never got #1 on terrestrial music shows


1. They have a lot of good songs, but to get to #1, they need more fans

2. Hul, they have a lot of good songs and the members have good skills, I feel sorry for them

3. Lovelyz has a lot of good songs, I’m surprised

4. I thought Ah-Choo got 1st place

5. Lovelyz songs will continue to be mentioned in the future, and there are many people who remember that their songs are so good

6. Lovelyz’s songs are all good

7. Don’t ruin the image of the group that has disbanded

8. Lovelyz is quite popular and has a lot of good songs, so you might be surprised

9. I’m not surprised, to be honest, I only know Mijoo

10. I know Lovelyz, but I really don’t know any of their songs

11. They have so many good songs.. I put them on my playlist and I’m still listening to them ㅠ

12. Didn’t they get 1st place with Ah-Choo???

13. I’m sorry, but I’m not surprised

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