What’s up with BLACKPINK Jennie’s outfit in her drama?

What’s up with Jennie’s outfit in her drama…?

I was surprised, isn’t it just panties?

[+526, -89]

1. [+522, -152] Her butt isn’t even a pretty shape. It’s just a deflated, but why is she so confident?

2. [+507, -55] I don’t want to see that kind of fat.. I don’t want to know about it

3. [+440, -62] To be honest, those shorts that show butt fat are disgusting. My eyes feel disgusting

4. [+302, -44] Jennie’s problem seems to come from her delusion that she’s sexy. She’s short and doesn’t have a pretty body, but it looks like she’s doing it because she likes to be sexy herself, what a pity

5. [+176, -63] You must have zoom into her like that just because you don’t like her outfit?

6. [+126, -21] Jennie also wears a lot of underboob outfits, right?

7. [+87, -5] One of the female idols who show off their body the most nowadays

8. [+84, -2] Every time I see her, I wonder what kind of confidence she has

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