What’s up with BLACKPINK Jennie’s outfit in her drama?

What’s up with Jennie’s outfit in her drama…?

I was surprised, isn’t it just panties?

[+526, -89]

1. [+522, -152] Her butt isn’t even a pretty shape. It’s just a deflated, but why is she so confident?

2. [+507, -55] I don’t want to see that kind of fat.. I don’t want to know about it

3. [+440, -62] To be honest, those shorts that show butt fat are disgusting. My eyes feel disgusting

4. [+302, -44] Jennie’s problem seems to come from her delusion that she’s sexy. She’s short and doesn’t have a pretty body, but it looks like she’s doing it because she likes to be sexy herself, what a pity

5. [+176, -63] You must have zoom into her like that just because you don’t like her outfit?

6. [+126, -21] Jennie also wears a lot of underboob outfits, right?

7. [+87, -5] One of the female idols who show off their body the most nowadays

8. [+84, -2] Every time I see her, I wonder what kind of confidence she has

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Jin's Protection Squad

At least it’s able to jiggle.


Knetz spilling


it’s a normal day for jenslut. this outfit is what she’s been wearing on daily basis


are you that insecure that you need to hate on women ?

spicy spice

eh? all of her born pink outfits are revealing her butt thou.


Tbh she and Lisa have been showing their butts and boobs (jennie only) since Born Pink era started. Though there are not much to look at, these two seemed very confident with themselves.


Now is the time to leave lisa alone, rent free in them kpoopies minds lol


This is her regular outfit for the tour where there are so many underage kids watching her and filming this dozen from every angle. I guess when you are famous for your lazy performances and no energy during concerts the only thing you can sell is your body to create hype. She doesn’t even have a good body to show off but jenslut remains vulgar


Werent there men masturbating during the concert


Exactly. She knows how to feed her horny side of the fanbase. There is a reason why BP get as little clothes as possible cuz apart from kids these horny masturbating make up the majority of their fanbase


All the little Andrew Tate wannabes in the comments.


Armies are just as bad as tits fans, actually they are worse since they are women themselves, but what do u expect from Indians, cows are treated better than women there


“indians” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. You would be amazed to know most of those Indians also support your girlies. Now if anyone wouldn’t mind can Indian armys take a sc of the comment above me and showcase their racism on internet. Like girls like fans.


Not a fan or hater of Jennie but i wonder, how much more articles can be made about her appearance from The Idol.

Karina melon

Who that mf zoom in her ugly flat fat ass 😂



Guest man

Was this post necessary is my only question over here…
You can criticize her choices and acting but speaking on how her body looks is just going overboard in wrong way.

Karina melon

You must be her breed

Guest man

Have you saw me or anything? Stating out obvious body shaming is not something people with “same breeds” do.
You must be an old ugly fat fart to disagree with me. If it is how it is.

Guest man

And btw I am a once. Not a blink. And I have saw many share of disgusting comments on my girls especially Jeongyeon too many times. And just because they have done it I am not miserable like them to do that to other people too. I have standards and morals. Which I will not drop especially for Kpop and all.
So just because I am saying this for her doesn’t mean I have to be her stan or anything. I have already criticized her enough on things which needed to be criticized. But I will not sit here and see another woman be shamed for her body. You people are currently doing this to her and you can even do that to twice if time comes and people do that. So if I don’t take stand for this there is no position for me to take stand when that happens. I speak for all woman in general. So stfu about these things.


Nobody cares. She has an ugly body, short stature which she tries to show off while using 10+ filters on her pics. Every unedited pic or video reveals how flat she is. If she gets tons of praises for her edited body creating a false image then people have the right to point out how flat and unattractive her body is in reality. She is stick thin. True. but curvy?? No ass or boobs just like Lisa and rose.

And jennie specifically dresses like a sl*t willingly so that horny males can fap to her revealing body parts. Just one search on reddit can give you thousands of nsfw threads like these. This is where she thrives and feeds her horny twink fandom. She is not some damsel in distress but knows exactly what she is doing with her clothes choices and how to get her audience excited while doing bare minimum at singing and dancing at concerts. Classless and tacky

Guest man

You do you. I don’t think there is any space for my opinion in here. I was just saying to not shame another woman for there bodies cause I have seen many imbeciles trying to do the same to Jeongyeon or Jihyo over and over.


Her butt isn’t even a pretty shape. It’s just a deflated, but why is she so confident?” puahahahahahahaha


people mad shes more prettier than yall will ever be


all the people in the comments acting like they don’t salivate when their oppa’s reveal their chest


Atleast male idols work out and have good bodies. Jennie has no ass and boobs and looks like a dwarf. So literally what is she serving? other than embarassing herself. Atleast karina and jihyo have boobs. Seolhyun had a good body and so did many other idols. Jennie has none of that so the comments are spitting pure facts.


she also wear those shorts during her tour. they are so unflattering.


The up votes on her flat ass is crazy and deserved

John Xina

Nets spilling

Last edited 5 months ago by John Xina

Flat pancake azz


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Oh they r wacking her good lmfaoooo


slutnnie seoul cycle

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