What’s up with Jennie’s body?

Her proportions are amazing and her aura is so pretty, my wannabe body

1. Her body is seriously amazing.. But what about the shoe information? It’s really pretty..

2. She still looks pretty even when she’s wearing a jumpsuit

3. How tall is Jennie?

-> 163?

4. Her proportions are really good…

5. F*cking pretty

6. Wow, short hair looks really good on Jennie, please do it just once,,

7. She has a great body, but she has a small face ㅜㅜㅜ

8. Her proportions are really good, her face looks as small as a pea

9. Looking at her first picture, she’s still pretty with short hair

10. Her face is so small..

11. I’m really jealous of her small head

12. She’s so skinny

13. She looks good no matter what she wears

14. There’s no outfit that doesn’t suit Jennie…

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