What’s up with Jennie’s body?

Her proportions are amazing and her aura is so pretty, my wannabe body

1. Her body is seriously amazing.. But what about the shoe information? It’s really pretty..

2. She still looks pretty even when she’s wearing a jumpsuit

3. How tall is Jennie?

-> 163?

4. Her proportions are really good…

5. F*cking pretty

6. Wow, short hair looks really good on Jennie, please do it just once,,

7. She has a great body, but she has a small face ㅜㅜㅜ

8. Her proportions are really good, her face looks as small as a pea

9. Looking at her first picture, she’s still pretty with short hair

10. Her face is so small..

11. I’m really jealous of her small head

12. She’s so skinny

13. She looks good no matter what she wears

14. There’s no outfit that doesn’t suit Jennie…

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It's whatever

My first thought was that she looked pregnant 🤔


Ask your mama about carring a whore like you

Functional Yeezy

lol wtf where did that come from


bp members doing the most basic sht in the world but still ends up being published you can’t tell me this isn’t media play


True even the upvotes and views aren’t much yet their articles get posted on international sites. All of it to keep these lazy dozens relevant.


Still more relevant then any btshit members


They’re from yg not hybe


The girl has a flat ass and boobs and is short. Nothing good about her body. Even after going all nude and wearing underwear for her Calvin klein campaigns she still looks like a kid lmao. And without makeup she looks like a bloated eyebrow less puffer fish. Not even all that plastic surgery could save her ass.


Ok whatever makes you sleep at night


Looks like a kid? Are you saying Taehyung is a pedo? Rude.


You mean GD??? Taehyung wouldn’t date someone with less ass than himself


Pretty sure it wasn’t that long ago netizens were body shaming her.

yo mama

it yg’s style of faking the hype for his little girl

Functional Yeezy

Let’s be honest here, the girl is just thin. There are millions of thin asian girls just like her but I would say that she is pretty. It’s just that these pictures don’t convey her prettiness


I can’t think of a more overrated idol that doesn’t come from her own group

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