When BTS members were given red passports

In September 2021, BTS was temporarily granted diplomatic passports as special presidential envoys before attending the United Nations General Assembly

After attending the United Nations, they displayed their diplomatic passports at the HYBE Insight gallery

Then they returned the diplomatic passports

This is a picture posted by the Green House

1. The first picture is so cool

2. I’m so proud of BTS

3. The BTS members are all Korean, so this is possible, right? They are seriously cool

4. BTS is so cool

5. That gif is awesome

6. Seriously daebak, they’re all Korean so they’re even cooler

7. President Moon and BTS are both amazing

8. Daebak, I’m really proud of BTS

9. Kingtan

10. BTS is so cool ㅠㅠ

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