When will Armys stop s*xually harassing Jennie and BLACKPINK members by spreading misogynistic rumors based on lies and edited pictures? They are even harassing Jimin dance partner

Armys have been spreading misogynistic rumors about blackpink members since 2018, it only has been increasing in the recent years, why is that women having success only can be because they sleep with someone? All the accusations have been rebuked multiple times, the last post they made here in pannkpop is literally fueled by lies starting with the fact that Jj joe is not longer YG USA CEO, he has resigned and has no ties to the company since more than a year ago,other lie, Jeremy erlich, man who is the favorite name of armys recently (before it was Youtube ceo) a man who is Gay and also is friends with multiple people in the music industry,all artists kpop and western artists get promotion from spotify including HYBE artists, BTS themselves have gotten promoted by spotify from years. Playlisting that the post uploaded, Jimin got more playlisting than Jisoo during the first week and he is currently on TTHs (the biggest spotify playlist) in which Jisoo isnt being added, playlist where BTS last release Yet To Come was added inmediately after release and put on the cover even when it wasnt a popular release. So what payola is armys talking about? The answer is just pure hatred and misogyni

Armys slutshaming BLACKPINK for getting the bare minimum promo on spotify, forgetting BTS had spotify deals since 2019 and great playlisting inmediately after release

Also they are currently being violent misogynistic on Jennie’s comments on instagram, they are being proud about it too, this is not the first time they harass her on her own instagram, they have been doing so since 2020, this behavior isnt normal at all even less when the words come from women themselves, Jennie nor blackpink members have done anything to be recieving this kind of disgusting and deshumanisazing remarks, and no, they arent trolls, they are literally big accounts with even 15k followers, not to mention talking about how they wish for her get off the plane in a black bag cus they want her to die while she is touring, is not the first time armys make this kind of violent remarks towards her either,they where making the same remarks about wishing to hit her on the face so she could be more injured cus Blackpink one korean posted about Blackpink members reccomending a restaurant to Harry Styles

Harassing Jimin woman dancer on instagram