“Where is NewJeans?” Netizens react to HYBE’s 2024 plan

HYBE’s 2024 plan

J-hope documentary March 28
J-hope special album March 29

Jin discharge June 12

J-hope discharge October 17

1. Where is NewJeans?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ HYBE, give us NewJeans’ full album

2. The Olympics are happening this year so they will avoid everything

3. Why is there nothing for Q3?

4. In NewJeans’ announcement, aren’t they going to release their album in the second half of this year?

5. I heard that ENHYPEN is preparing for their tour in the 3rd quarter

6. Give us NewJeans’ full album, HYBE is crazy

7. Hul Seventeen is starting to enlist this year

8. I’m a fan of Zico but why isn’t there Zico…?

9. I can’t believe Seventeen is enlisting this year

10. If NewJeans is planning to go to Tokyo Dome this time, they will release another album in the second half of the year and start their tour in the first half of next year… HYBE is really crazy

11. Wow they’re already discharging? Why did it feel so fast?

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