Which 4th generation girl group has the best album?


1. Aespa

2. Aren’t Aespa and IVE the top 2 of 4th generation girl groups? They sold a lot of albums

3. Didn’t Aespa sell over 1 million copies?

4. 4th generation girl group albums all good

5. 4th generation is definitely the golden age of girl groups

6. All 4th generation female idols sell well, IVE, NewJeans, LE SSERAFIM, NMIXX, Aespa

7. Aespa and IVE sold over 1 million copies. NewJeans, LE SSERAFIM, NMIXX sold over 500,000 copies

8. The best seller is Aespa, but NewJeans is doing the best

9. Aespa and IVE

10. NMIXX too

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