Which girl group’s debut song has the most influence?

Wonder Girls – Irony

Girls’ Generation – Into The New World


4minute – Hot Issue

miss A – Bad Girl, Good Girl


BLACKPINK Whistle / Boombayah



NewJeans – Hype Boy / Attention / Cookie

1. Personally I think it’s 2NE1 ‘FIRE’

2. Miss A, ITZY, NewJeans

3. It was Miss A and 2NE1 before, and it’s NewJeans now

4. Miss A’s debut song is still so good

5. 2NE1, I still can’t forget the day they received Rookie of the Year and Daesang at the same time

6. ‘Bad Girl, Good Girl’ was amazing, and Suzy was crazy… She was pretty at that time

7. Even when I was a muggle, I remember they received a lot of awards at awards ceremonies

8. As soon as I saw the title, I thought of Miss A

9. Miss A, NewJeans

10. 2NE1… Miss A… These days, NewJeans

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mmm I got into kpop because of Hot Issue actually but I feel like out of all these debut songs , no one can beats ITNW for me . There’s something about the song that is just so timeless, it’s a solid debut song .

Not gonna include about achievements of these songs cause I didn’t really remembered how it was back then but I remembered Miss A’s debut , they were so popular back then , sad to see how the group turned out . I didn’t really remember how it was for 2NE1 back then , I only remembered the craze with I Don’t Care 🏃🏻


2NE1 got ROTY and a daesang their first year. They really coined and had a LOT of influence in K-POP. The terms “monster rookie,” “all-kill,” and “Perfect All Kill” came about because of them. They were the girl group who pushed fashion into K-POP right from debut utilizing contemporary and high end fashion from Jeremy Scott to Alexander McQueen (vintage at that). To establishing the “girl crush” image. They not only became the antithesis of what the standard girl group was at the time, but they flipped K-POP on its head and gave a new lane to inspire third generation groups and beyond. You really had to have been there.

so what

the only correct answer is into the new world because its long lasting impact!

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