Which idol stage is popular among idol fans?

The idol stage that most idol fans know

1. IU ‘Dear Name’ MMA?

2. G-Dragon ‘Who You?’

3. BTS’ IDOL stage where they wore Hanbok?

4. BLACKPINK ‘So Hot’?

5. Rosé Coachella?

6. It was BTS’s IDOL stage at MMA

7. GD ‘Heartbreaker’……?

8. BTS ‘Perfect Man’

9. It was EXO ‘Growl’ at 2013 MAMA

10. BTS ‘Perfect Man’..? I’m not a fan but I love it so muchㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

11. The first stage that comes to mind is BTS’s stage with red background, MIC Drop, right?

12. I just remember the stage where Park Jinyoung was playing the piano with his feet

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