Which Korean food do you like the most?

So, I recently tasted Korean Ramen because of lots of hype about it around me. And I didn’t actually like it… At that time I didn’t want to make that person who made me taste it upset so I told them it’s good. I think the taste of of which I like didn’t really matched the flavour profile of the what noodles were. The spice was hitting right away. And it was kind of making the taste buds numb and because of it the taste was not getting to me. Maybe most people like those direct spicy things or maybe my first experience with Korean food and flavours were from something which was not according to my taste.

If you have tasted Korean food then can you also comment down on which are the best things to try in those and what should I ignore or maybe try that for once atleast.

The noodle I tasted was samyang noodles the spicy one. I have also tasted the mild one but that flavour was also not upto my taste as it left a really weird after taste in my mouth.

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try jin ramen alone or mix it with the samyang buldak sauce. its so good


I personally like Bibimbap because it’s very easy to make, very healthy, and delicious.
But the items I usually order in Korean restaurant would be Jajjangmyeon,
Bibimbap, Kimchi Jjigae, Kimchi Beokkeumbap, Dosirak or Kimbap. I like Naengmyeon too but it’s kinda hard to find here. 🫠
My most favorite? I can’t choose…. Depends on the restaurant…


i haven’t had a korean instant noodle that I actually enjoy…and i’ve tried a lot! Instant Jjjajang/Shin/bbibimyeon/buldak etc. Japan has way better instant noodles.

Korea has great fresh foods though I wouldn’t judge it based on instant ramen, try going to a restaurant. Order bbimbimbap/jeon/tteokbokki/galbi ribs….actually now that I think of it the only instant korean food I like is pulmuone sweet and spicy tteokbokki. You just throw everything in a pan and cook. add stuff like sausage or fish cake. top with sesame seeds and egg. SO GOOD.


i prefer japanese cuisine, i cant stand kimchi and korean kimbab. i only love their fried things / tempura


I’m so sorry but bulgogi>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


I like hotteok, kkwabaegi and korean style fried hot-dog, only fried bread lol personally their style of savory food is not for me. Everything is really sweet, I was super disappointed after trying tteokbokki. But that’s just my personal taste, most people I know love their cuisine to the bits.

EDIT: I forgot I like their soup ramyun aswell, especially Jin Ramyun, they have mild version that tastes super good. (still a liiiiittle spicy but a toddler could endure it)

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I like Shin Ramen the best out of instant ramen but Carbonara Fire Noodles are also great. Out of all Korean cuisine, I like Haemul Sundubu Jjigae the best.


all korean food is good, just go to a restaurant and try anything lol

and just try to find a mild version of ramyun, the default will always be spicy for you if you found samyang spicy tbh. ramyun is just normally somewhat spicy, just try . or if you buy one and find it too spicy, try mixing in milk or cheese – it tends to calm down the spice, while also making the broth more creamy and thicker. Mayonnaise is also a good option, but it depends on the type you have.. lighter types are better, not your avg. american grocery store type


bulgogi and Korean fried chicken
Samgyetang is also good
personally I really love kimchi, but I think it’s not suitable for everyone’s pallette

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