Who are the most popular K-pop idols in Japan these days?

Who are the most popular K-pop idols in Japan these days?

I’m curious

1. HYBE male idols if you look at the album sales?

2. HYBE idols are so popular in Japan

3. BTS and TWICE are the top 2

4. BTS and TWICE.. I can feel it just by looking at the concert

5. BTS, TWICE, and Seventeen are the top 3

6. BTS, TWICE, and Seventeen.. These three groups are crazy

7. BTS’s popularity is almost on par with Japanese singers

8. Of course, BTS, TWICE, and Seventeen are the top 3. BLACKPINK is popular in Japan, and ASTRO is popular these days, and rookies Aespa, IVE, Treasure, ENHYPEN are also popular

9. According to my younger brother who lives in Japan, Seventeen and ENHYPEN are really popular

10. I live in Japan, but these days female idols are getting good reactions. TWICE is the one top girl group~ For male idols, it’s HYBE male idols + NCT

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Twice offcourse but IVE also are doing very well there


IVE is showing fake popularity. No one showed up for their pop up.


HYBE male idols and Twice are definitely up there.


definitely up there? TWICE is the most popular kpop idols in japan there’s a recent survey for this made by Japan’s version of gallup korea


No GG can ever replace Twice in Japan. Its their land


idk like shouldn’t they asked this to the japanese instead? how would the koreans know which kpop groups are generally more popular in japan lol


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