Who are your favorite members in TWICE, Red Velvet, BLACKPINK??

1. Sana Irene Jennie

2. Sana Joy Jennie

3. Jeongyeon Wendy Rosé

4. Nayeon Irene Rosé

5. Sana Seulgi Jennie

6. Sana Irene Rosé

7. Dahyun Wendy Lisa

8. Sana Joy Jennie

9. Nayeon Joy X

10. Mina Wendy Rosé

11. Dahyun X Rosé

12. Jihyo Wendy Lisa

13. X Wendy Rosé

14. Nayeon X X

15. Mina Wendy Rosé

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K-Poop Multistan of LGBTS BLACKPIG SLUTWICE ArmpitBlonkOncel

RV Irene Seulgi
BP Jennie Rose
Twize no one

You’re a disgrace to the society and a burden. Con6om was a requirement for your parents, they must be regretting the fact that you were born.

K-Poop Multistan of LGBTS BLACKPIG SLUTWICE ArmpitBlonkOncel

because i have fun in the internet ? u are sick. u need a mental doctor

The only mental case here is you. I am not going here commenting someone as slvt nor making it my username for “fun” but def you are. If this is your meaning of fun. Your fun will most probably end you up in jail soon.




Red velvet definitely benefited the most from Big 3 privilege 😂 look at them always mentioned alongside BP and Twice while nowhere near their level of success 😅

K-Poop Multistan of LGBTS BLACKPIG SLUTWICE ArmpitBlonkOncel

RV can sing, the group consist of only koreans without foreign dozen monkeys. Their songs have timeless noble kpop sound, unlike twice songs which sound stuck in 2015 or repetitive BPs shit. They have exemplary lineup where u can`t see ugly goblins like dahyun or chaeyoung or fat pig jeongyeon or some thai tranny etc.
RV nation group >>>>>>>>>>> bp>>>>>>>>> infinity>>>>>> twisse

Last edited 3 months ago by K-Poop Multistan of LGBTS BLACKPIG SLUTWICE ArmpitBlonkOncel

you’re a loser red velvet fan who hates on actual popular groups 😹😹

K-Poop Multistan of LGBTS BLACKPIG SLUTWICE ArmpitBlonkOncel

u are right. they are only popular, not the best. 🙂

Last edited 3 months ago by K-Poop Multistan of LGBTS BLACKPIG SLUTWICE ArmpitBlonkOncel

Red Velvet have the best voices, most talent, best songs, best and highest quality album according to their fans and come from the biggest company and have been promoting the longest…yet by big 3 standards are a failed group…

Funny that eh…maybe their fans should learn to not call others dozens while over blowing a mid group that would be mentioned alongside b-c tier groups if they were from Cube or FNC lol.

It’s not Twice’ or BP’s issue if RV didn’t managed to get on their level of popularity. RV recieved much more hype than these two. They came from fvcking SM, home to them top bg exo and gg girls gen. Twice literally had no one to support them on their debut apart from a flop survival show. BP only had 2ne1 name behind them and lots of money and teasers involved. People still were more invested towards the gg SM was launching then YG’s and at last JYP’s. And that’s the whole truth. I remember idols mentioning RV’s name as a future top gg when they debuted. Twice were named as flops dare I say when they debuted. People literally said they will be forgotten soon. But cheer up literally changed their whole path. Personally am not a fan of BP but their debut song was actually excellent. If they had debuted with anything twice did they would also be treated as how twice was getting treated on their debut. Even tho happiness was a flop RV still was praised loads. They literally promoted more nicely than twice ever did. Even now. If RV begin to receive treatment of their cb like how twice are getting most of the reveluvs will start crying.


Tzuyu yeri x

Complicated Princess

Sana, Seulgi, Jennie


Jihyo yeri x


I only like Twice


For me only Sana and Twice🩷

Btw comment no. 6 one is a lesbian


Jihyo Wendy Lisa

black pantress

Sana Seulgi Lisa

The truth

Only TWICE. I went to see them perform 3 times and soon it will be my 4th time. I used to stan RV for Irene but went to their concert in 2019 and left the venue feeling meh. Their stage presence is quiet boring and little to none interactions with fans. Now with BP, their music isn’t my taste.


Twice: Na Yeon, Ji Hyo, and Momo
Red Velvet: Seul Gi and Joy
BP: If I HAD to chose someone maybe Ji Soo


Jihyo Seulgi Rose


Well only seulgi, jihyo and Wendy can sing front these groups but again mid pink lacking in all areas compared to their peers

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