Who do you think is the best solo male artist among idols?

For me it’s Baekhyun… Digital, albums, popularity and fandom, he seems to have it all

1. Taeyang?

2. GD?

3. I don’t think there’s really a male solo artist that comes to mind, right?

4. Zico

5. It’s like GD, Zico, Taeyang, but they have the different vibe from idols… and when it comes to idols, I think of Kai and Taemin…?

6. GD, Zico, Baekhyun

7. GD

8. Zico

9. GD

10. Jay Park?

11. Taemin

12. Did Baekhyun do well on the charts? I don’t know

13. GD and Zico

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