Who do you think is the prettiest girl group?

Personally, it’s Red Velvet…

They’re all pretty and the faces match

They all have natural beauty

[+85, -58]

1. [+154, -39] TWICE

2. [+90, -47] For me, it’s Red Velvet

3. [+73, -66] Red Velvet is just above average

4. [+34, -3] TWICE, Red Velvet

5. [+34, -9] Every time I see IVE, I think the visual combination between the members is so good. Each member is so charming

6. [+31, -5] TWICE

7. [+25, -6] BLACKPINK

8. [+24, -11] 3rd generation is Red Velvet, 4th generation is IVE

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Not trying to pull the Victoria Justice card but I think every girl group is pretty.


I love pretty women that’s all everyone are so pretty


Twice and Loona. I also think recently Kep1er. G-IDLE. And IVE of course. LSF would be perfect if they got rid of that problematic member.


Lsf only has 2 cute members
Sakura messed up re fixing her face when she was at one of her best faces in izone era
Kep1er? Xiaoting is a goddess and the maknae is cute, but that’s it.


It’s a good thing that everyone can have their own answer. And you coulda just wrote who you think is the prettiest.


I think it’s Twice


Twice as my answer. All girls look seriously so pretty and are naturally beautiful.


twice because it’s insane to have such beautiful members anyway but to have NINE of them who each look so unique is a real feat

follow me, come and get illusion

Fromis_9. All the comments saying Twice as if Dahyun isn’t in that group looking uglier than a commoner.. makeup and fair skin saved her


you don’t have to find her pretty but what a weird comment to make why are you being a weirdo

just lurking

Stfu dahyun is attractive


Ew. What weirdos in this comment section.


Red Velvet for me

just lurking

Twice, IVE and stayc

Groove Coverage

Fromis_9 obviously. All the members are above average. There are no visual holes in the group. Jiwon, Jisun, Nagyung, Gyuri and Saerom is the top of the top. Other Girl group that I find really pretty is Nature. Only Soyeon is the average one. The other are stunning. Sunshine, Loha, Haru, Uchae, and Saebom are top tier visual.


overall, TWICE second IZONE with top tier visuals in Minju, Hyewon, Wonyoung, Yujin then Sakura,Yena, Eunbi, Chaewon and the rest looks fine as well


Extremely biased but Aespa and Blackpink, love the different vibes and aesthetics each member brings.
(This site won’t let me attach more than one picture, boo)


After school and Twice in my opinion. I’m not familiar with the newer groups right now.

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