Who do you think is the solo female idol with the biggest hit song?

Which female idol song do you think is the biggest hit song?

Lisa has the best results overseas, but I feel like she’s not doing well in Korea

Personally, Taeyeon – I, Jennie – Solo Chungha – Gotta Go, Jung Eunji – Hopefully sky

[+9, -29]

1. [+171, -15] Isn’t it IU?

2. [+142, -12] It’s Taeyeon as a member of the group and IU as a solo singer

3. [+100, -10] Isn’t IU the one top as a solo female artist for the past 10 years?

4. [+76, -8] IU

5. [+61, -17] It’s just IU

6. [+31, -5] Well, I thought of Lee Hyori…

7. [+26, -3] ? IU

8. [+24, -1] When I watched IU’s Killing Voice, I was surprised because they were all hit songs

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Pann just love to discredit Twice and now Nayeons Achievement. But Nayeon is the first female kpop idol after BoA to chart in Billboard after many years. Let that sink in


Yeah because you’re thinking in the western mindset while knetz are looking at the impact of idols in S.KOREA. the country of the content you consume. You didn’t read the assignment clearly. You shouldve caught the hint that OP wasnt talking about international success when they brought up Lisa’s song not being as impactul in Korea.

Dont you think its weird asf how you consume kpop but somehow all thats important to you is how well it does in the west?

Grace Walker

The OP’s, question who do you think is the solo female idol with the biggest hit song? If OP’s, was referring to only in Korea, should have stated that in there question. Therefore, it would be Lisa, who have the biggest hit song.


again, context cues.

op already mentioned lisa being successful overseas BUT not in korea which was why they didn’t include her and only included those that did well in korea. 🤦

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