Who is the best at rapping among SM male idols?

I’m curious

1. Mark

2. Mark, Taeyong, Yangyang

3. I only think of Mark and Taeyong

4. Honestly, I don’t think SM rappers are good at rapping, but out of them, Mark is the best at rapping

5. Besides thinking that Mark and Taeyong are good at rapping, it seems that they sing better than rap

6. Mark…? But I like Mark singing moreㅋㅋㅋㅋ

7. I hope Mark is recognized for his rapping skills

8. Mark isn’t a handsome idol, but he’s at the top for his rapping skills

9. Mark, Taeyong?

10. I love Taeyong’s rap part!! I think he’s good at rapping

11. I think Mark and Taeyong are good at rapping

12. I don’t think anyone else but Mark

13. I don’t think SM has good rappers

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