Who is the best at rapping among SM male idols?

I’m curious

1. Mark

2. Mark, Taeyong, Yangyang

3. I only think of Mark and Taeyong

4. Honestly, I don’t think SM rappers are good at rapping, but out of them, Mark is the best at rapping

5. Besides thinking that Mark and Taeyong are good at rapping, it seems that they sing better than rap

6. Mark…? But I like Mark singing moreㅋㅋㅋㅋ

7. I hope Mark is recognized for his rapping skills

8. Mark isn’t a handsome idol, but he’s at the top for his rapping skills

9. Mark, Taeyong?

10. I love Taeyong’s rap part!! I think he’s good at rapping

11. I think Mark and Taeyong are good at rapping

12. I don’t think anyone else but Mark

13. I don’t think SM has good rappers

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They are all cringey and terrible


Hybe’s rappers are cringe too

Guest Usernames Are Cowards

Aww look at you thinking you’re so smart for bringing up Hybe. I don’t even like Hybe but your comment is so stupid, like what tf does that got to do with anything you dumb dumb?


I don’t think SM has good rappers at the first place but if I have to choose one , yeah it’s probably Mark .

I mean he’s better than Sehun, Minho and Hyoyeon also Eunhyuk who are the ‘rappers’ in the other SM groups


Definitely not jflop


who’s this?


I really like Mark’s flow. Plus that man is so hardworking it shows.


they can’t rap lol 😂😂


Are you black to even be discussing this topic.

Guest Usernames Are Cowards

Even a non-black person has ears jfc. Why are you suddenly bringing up race over a simple comment???


If we’re talking actually good rap, then none. But by kpop’s standard, Mark is pretty decent while every other rapper in SM is bad tbh


nah, theyre too cringy their technique also so freaking tacky. they should stick to singing not rapping, leave em to YG instead




As a black person I don’t really think Koreans can rap. I don’t like them as rappers. But if I had to pick the most tolerable “rappers” who genuinely respect rap, aren’t antiblack, understand its values and follow the tradition… Exy, Sunwoo and Yeonjun. The rest have just done too many antiblack things for me to even acknowledge them.


The rappers in NCT are so shameful. They aren’t even good. They don’t even write their own lyrics half the time. It’s just them copying black peoples flow.


youre beyond stupid cause mark and taeyong known with their lyricist on nct songs. youre not even fans to say this


They write their own lyrics…you can check if out…they even write group’s music sometimes…don’t go overboard on calling someone shameless when you know nothing about that group to begin with.


do you not realize how biased your comment is when it comes to the idols you picked and excluded?


Mark is the only one who has some genuine flow and rhythm in SM

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