Who is the best main vocalist of the 4th generation?

I’m curious

1. Lily.. Is it their showcase? I was shocked when I saw the video of her singing there

2. CRAVITY’s Woobin

3. It reminds me of Lily

4. ATEEZ Jongho

5. CRAVITY Woobin, you guys should listen to Woobin’s cover songs

6. Winter, is she the main vocalist of Aespa?

7. NMIXX Lily, ATEEZ Jongho, Purple Kiss Swan, DKZ Kyungyoon and Mingyu. As someone who has watched their stages, I’m sure of this

8. NMIXX Haewon and STAYC Sieun

9. Lily and Haewon are seriously good

10. It reminds me of NMIXX Lily and Purple Kiss Swan! I don’t know yet, but I think LE SSERAFIM Yunjin will be the powerful main vocalist of the 4th generation

11. ATEEZ Jongho and NMIXX Lily

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