Who is the idol with the most comebacks after 7 years since debut?


1. It’s definitely TWICEㅋㅋ

2. Something like TWICE or Seventeenㅋㅋㅋㅋ For individuals, Mark and Haechan

3. Like TWICE and Seventeen

4. The female idol is TWICE and the male idol is Seventeen

5. I know TWICE, but Seventeen also did a lot of comebacks, they have 3 or 4 comebacks a year, right??

6. TWICE as a group and Mark and Haechan as individuals? Mark is back with SuperM, and Haechan is back with Dream

7. Mark, Haechan….?

8. I came here thinking of TWICE

9. TWICE and Seventeen?

10. It’s Mark, he’s back with SuperM, 127, Dream and NCT U

11. I also think about TWICE

12. My brother is a fan of TWICE, and it seems like 40 Korean and Japanese albums have been released

13. TWICE works without rest

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It is what it is

I’d be afraid JYP overworks twice with how many album, mini album, EP in Korea and Japan they do but they seem happy or at least not as tired as I’ve seen other idols (?
Great time management


They love what they do and they are comfortable around each other. That’s what it is.

spicy spice

bc they love what they did and being grateful with whatever they got. their chemistry was so great thou.


Twice contents actually filmed months ahead so they could seem like really busy when actually not


First groups I thought of were Twice and Seventeen.

d d

Blackpink! ha ha h ah ahahahahaaaaa sorry I couldn’t help myself. in case you’re confused, that was massive sarcasm.

WhatsThe Point

BTS in my opinion. They released 2 korean albums every year until 2020 and some year they even released 3 korean albums as rookies. Not to forget Japanese albums and a few singles here and there.

My mind was blown when someone on the tl said Coldplay in their first 5 years released 3 albums and BTS released 12 korean albums in first 5 years (2013-18)😭

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