Who is your favorite maknae among the 4th generation female idols?

NewJeans Hyein

IVE Leeseo

Aespa Ningning


NMIXX Kyujin

Kep1er Yeseo


Billlie Haruna

1. Eunchae is so cute and pretty

2. I like Hyein, but Eunchae is so cute these days

3. Manchae and Leeseo

4. J is my favorite maknae.. She’s so pretty and cute

5. J is the prettiest in my eyes these days

6. Manchae, but I like all the cute maknaes

7. Kang Yeseo is so cute because she’s a bunny

8. Kyujin is so talented and performs well on stage

9. Hyein.. but Ningning is the maknae..!?

10. Eunchae, Leeseo, J, they’re all cute

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