Who is your pick among SM’s female visual idols?

S.E.S Eugene

SNSD Yoona

f(x) Krystal

f(x) Sulli

Red Velvet Irene

Aespa Karina

1. Irene is the prettiest

2. Irene is the prettiest among female idols of all time

3. My taste is Krystal… I like Karina too

4. Eugene Yoona

5. Yoona, for me it’s Yoona, Seohyun and Yuri. These 3 are my visual picks

6. I love Sulli so much

7. Sulli.. I think she’s the prettiest among celebrities

8. I love Krystal’s celebrity aura

9. Yoona Irene

10. Irene.. Her face is really my favorite

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