“Who said he has celebrity disease?” BTS V’s vlog was legendary

V’s vlog was legendary

His vlog looked like those independent films.. His outfits, angles and editing are all perfect………….

[+780, -92]

1. [+242, -2] I’m feeling healed

2. [+228, -13] It looks like an independent film about the scenery

3. [+212, -10] Thank you ♡♡♡

4. [+92, -2] How did he manage to do all this with his face bare in 10 minutes…?

5. [+81, -2] His face is seriously pretty

6. [+71, -3] Who said he has celebrity disease? Seriously, he’s so kind, he took care of the staff who went with him, and bought everything for them with cash

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He’s very humble & that’s what everyone meets him says


Humble my ass


Ur ass isn’t humble but my man is so sit down

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Tamara..How can you live with your brain disconnected from your mouth? Own comment of a deneuronated without direction in his/her life .


The admin pick the posts about V looking handsome and then translate the negative posts with photos about how Winters had acne, as if all of BTS have perfect skin up close? Women love to put down other women ehile praising the men, sad.


Admin didn’t pick anything, dumbass. All the comments are based on ranking of upvotes, from most-upvoted to least-upvoted from the original Pann posts that is linked. Go complain to Knetz.


we don’t care if bts don’t have perfect skin lmao. only gg stans obsessed with skincare problem let’s be real. y’all posting these here just show you’re as jobless and unhinged as those knets that mock winter for her skin. don’t pretend you’re not under every bts post dragging them for different reasons. you’re no different at all to talk lmao.

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then why the hell did you feel the need to pick on other people to raise your faves then, joey?
what does bts have anything to do with aesop?
you’re literally a pot calling a kettle black.


Go check the og post by yourself. It’s there. Are you new with pann, kids? Pann always full of hate comments. Your hate toward BTS makes you blind. And stop pulling the woman card here. You bring JK just to vent your anger. Also the og post of V and your girl is literally trending hours ago on real time pann. It’s not taehyung faults that today his handsome looks got trending, whereas your girl trending full of hate post a while ago. Do some research before you drop anything. You have the wrong place to protest here and now you look dumb



Literally everyone who has worked with him and met him personally has nothing but good words to speak about him. His members who have known him for over 10 years say he is the most down-to-earth person amongst them. His fans who have known him for a long time can tell how much of a sweetheart he is. From taking out time to play games so that armys won’t go out in covid, posting stay-at-home challenges, finding blood doner for army’s grandpa, whenever bad news hit the fandom coming on sns to distract us, to spending bts anniversary on vlive coz only 4000 armys were able to see them live that day and he didnt want any1 to feel left out and these are just recent examples of how he loves and treat his fans (the main issue at the time his treatment towards fans lol). BTS are known to be very polite by insiders, staff, fellow artist and tae is known to be the most polite idol by “the k media” themselves but a bunch of jealous mfs sitting behind the screen got something and jumped on him


yup, that’s why is was just nonsense when he had an “attitude controversy”
like out of anyone, taehyung? when he’s literally known to be very warm and easily makes friends. he would always greet fans and smile at reporters and even high fives them in airport vids. so just because of one video where he rushed to the car because of safety precautions, he’s suddenly “rude” by random knets. they really are brainless.


most were blinks saying shit about him and we know why lol that fandom is damn toxic, they even say atrocities to their own favs


I loved this vlog


Knetz should be careful not to judge Tae by his looks. He can be very cold and chic looking which can make anything he does even remotely not super engaging look like he’s not interested but it’s just a rbf expression. Tae is super nice and gentle. He is the member that communicates the most with army, super friendly and he has a good relationship with reporters. People just want to hate on him and his group with anything that’ll stick


A humble person won’t coldly left the scene leaving fans who waited without even looking at them. Wait until his true color will actually show more obviously


lmaoooo. it was getting chaotic and fans were close to toppling over each other by the time his car arrived to pick him up. he literally waved out the window when he got in the car and left a message on weverse right after anyways. your hatred is so big, you can’t even use common sense or something.


You can keep trying but no one’s listening to you


it’s been 10 years since he has been in the business lol you can wait until you die i guess


shut up blink


You’re an idiot or do you? That day there was a problem with sasaengs at the airport and the same journalists who were present there cleared it up. Safety comes first and Tae chose to protect.to the fans. Also Tae waved, or didn’t you see the videos? So pick up your trash and keep it in your mouth. Stinks.


I’m not a BTS fan but who cares what non-fans or antis think about him? He doesn’t owe them shit and he will never please everyone. You think he’s arrogant? Cool. You don’t like him? Ok. The fact that there are random people on the internet who think a stranger has to live and act according to their expectations is wild. The entitlement is real

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