Who were the most popular ‘Boys Planet’ trainees in Japan?

‘Boys Planet’ has already announced the 9 members for the group ‘ZB1’.

Here are the top 10 trainees who have been the most popular in Japan and got the highest number of votes in surveys:

1. Anthony (Japan) – 34k votes

2. Ichika (Japan) – 27k votes

3. Takuto (Japan) – 21k votes

4. Dang Hong Hai (China) – 18.4k votes

5. Zhang Hao (China) – 18.2k votes

6. Kim Jiwoong (Korea) – 17.3k votes

7. Wang Zihao (China) – 17k votes

8. Cong (China) – 13k votes

9. Hui (Korea) – 11.9k votes

10 Krystian (China) – 11.8k votes