Why are there so many hate posts about BLACKPINK Jennie these days?

Jennie these days

Why are there so many hate posts about her these days?

Isn’t Jennie almost on hiatus now?

I see at least one hate post about her in the featured talks every day

Please stop with your inferiority complex towards her and just live your own life..

[+99, -42]

1. [+31, -5] What’s even more impressive is that this has been happening non-stop for the past 8 yearsㅋㅋㅋ Honestly, the hate posts on Pann show that she’s so hot… This proves that Jennie is so successful. But she needs to start suing, her haters are so evil

2. [+27, -3] It’s just that there’s a lot of large-scale events these days and she’s a hot topic, so the people who hate her are even more triggered….. Seriously, if she starts suing, she’ll catch a lot of them so I hope she sues them

3. [+21, -2] They’re jealous because Jennie is still doing well

4. [+2, -1] Every time I see Jennie, she’s so pretty

5. [+1, -0] In 8 years of her life, Jennie became a world star and made a lot of money, I wonder what the people who wrote hate posts about her did in those 8 years?ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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Complicated Princess

Why are there so many hate posts about BLACKPINK Jennie these days?
There’s only one answer
it’s because she’s dating a BTS member.


No she’s not. That is pr stunt.


She’s dating GD.


‘Cause she needs to be mentioned with male idols so bad


Nah that’s Tae. He was never dragged so much until this bitch inserted herself last year.


Lol. Thats funny af. People just hate her bcuz shes lazy, nepo, a seoul cycle, and her fan are annoying af


Army’s are the most pathetic and insecure people in kpop they can’t move on from Jennie literally obsessed with her just like their oppar🤣 that’s what’s burning them up


This is bs like if we are getting 5posts a day abt Jennie only 1 of them is a hate post or none.


BTS receive way more hate


because people are starting to realize who she really is…




Actually she took very little effort for an other idols . She gained money easy and she just dated celebrites.


in all truth? because blinks don’t know how to fcking act, constantly running their mouths on other idols, setting my girl up in the process, and then disappear and act like victims when others rightfully return their energy.


I mean look at this site for a change, the comments used to be so damn peaceful up until blinks started using it just to anonymously talk shit about other idols in each and every single article, ganging up and hyping each other to start hate trains against others and now, as a result of their previous actions, you cannot have a normal article where the comments don’t end up turning into battle fields for fanwars..

free kpop from jennietals

lol acting like most of blonks are not jendogs, y’all can’t live without playing the victim just like ur fave lol


If you compare it to what twice got in their early days as well as today. It’s literally nothing compared to that.

Especially talking about the hate momoland received cause of fake scenarios brewed up by blinks only.
Atleast she has got tons of fans backing her up even if she chose to star in a r@p3 glorifying movie. But what support did momoland really got? None. Even when they were fvcking innocent. I hate these freaking double standards of fans for no reason.

Some people receive more hate than her and on regular basis with absolutely no one backing them up. Ans that is the worst thing. This ain’t it. Fans need to stop pity crying and learn to stand on their asses. Most of this hate comes from the people you guys only sent hate to. That’s just payback. Especially when blinks says this. It’s just absolute nonsense. Because everyone literally knows they are the main reason of majority fandom fights and hate in kpop.


Maybe you should also publish an article about how BP encore concert in Thailand is gaining huge backlash from Thai fans who attended that concert just yesterday. Encores are supposed to be different than the regular tour concert but there was literally no difference in their regular your or encore scenario. I don’t know how long will these knetz close their eyes to the orginal reality of how bp actually performs in concert and how boring that literally is. Especially when you spend a fortune to go to a concert and just get disappointed at the end. Ans these crys are not coming from the antis but from the fans instead. And I think it’s time we talk about this. Because spending that much money and getting that performance at the end is literally like throwing your salary into the water.

Hi, I'm Guest

Is that so? Hoooo.. No wonder my cousin who went there w her husband & friends didn’t post much yesterday concert compared to the 1 she’s attended 1st. Mids really gve the bare minimum, to their own stans

Ladyboy Lisa

Idk maybe blink stfu 😂


The whore doesn’t get enough hate tbh

std girl

i think is because hollywood cameras exposed her real looks, like she looks weird lately, maybe she did too much drugs and s*x with the twins and the weekend lol

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