Why B-Armys treats Kim Taehyung as a threat?

Why B-Armys treats Kim Taehyung as a threat?

Brazilian army, known as b-armys in the BTS fandom is known for their ability as monster streams and concert enthusiasts. However, a majority of the B-armys are into shipping, thus resulting in a dismissing attitude towards one the members, Kim Taehyung, aka BTS V.

So, treating V as a threat they tend to not add his songs in playlists, streaming battles and dismissing his individuality as a musician, all thanks to an imaginary ship. Brazilian army’s biggest fanbase @BARMYSTREAM had to delete a tweet featured the Top Artists of Brazil Spotify, featuring the rest of the BTS members, after receiving flak.

The stats shows that b armys continues to neglect the singer’s release despite having releasing the most successful osts and critically acclaimed songs under his belt. Even though Kim Taehyung is the member who is known for his trademark statement ‘Army should love all 7 bts members’, looks like the statement doesn’t apply to the person who coined the words.

Looks like we have to wait until BTS reveals their partners in future for brazilian armys to come out of their delusional thoughts and treat one of the seven members as normal.

Last year, the streaming team decided to postpone the birthday celebration streaming week known as ‘TAEWEEK’ to a different month because the member’s birthday falls within the Christmas vacation week, which is normal considering the circumstances.

However, the shipper side of the fandom ignored the streaming parties the next month, with only a small number of them attending. Unsurprisingly, they are continuing the same method like a tradition this year too. It should be mentioned that during BTS and other individual releases, Brazilian countries typically takes the top rank.

However, despite the embarrassing treatment from one side of the fandom, Kim Taehyung’s latest release OST ‘Christmas Tree’ is still thriving on charts is currently on its way to 200 M streams on Spotify. All thanks to its popularity, the nearly one-year-old song is also spontaneously rising on Korean platforms, currently charting #23 on daily OST charts in Melon.

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Can the admins of this site stop people for posting these nonsense???? Brining petty fandom wars to here is so annoying.


How is it a “nonsense ” to talk about the disgusting way a whole country treats him ? Stfu if you don’t care .


“a whole country treats him” based on some accounts on twitter… go touch grass weirdo!!💀


He consistently gets the lowest streams on Spotify Brazil even if he has a new release + he’s the only member outside the Top Artists on Spotify Brazil. That’s not from some Twitter account, that’s real numbers from Spotify so tf are you saying it’s only some Twitter stans lmaooo


But not 0, let people like what they like


B-armys has always been shady towards Taehyung. But dare I say, a lot of OT7 fanbases ignore Tae’s songs and alway have an excuse for not streaming him or putting him in playlist. GP usually takes care of Tae’s streams and longevity.

Armys need to be honest about it.


ah yes like tae-solos be lying about the members & expect armys to clean up your mess when y’all start with jennie fanbase, just STOP. the fandom doesn’t hate tae & never did, y’all brainwash yourselves thinking tae hates being in the group & the fandom 24/7 & think you know him better than himself.


The same ole ridiculous arguments yawl use when streaming numbers are there for you to compare.

Instead of calling everyone solos like conditioned robots maybe accept that there may be some hidden biases within the fandom not just with Tae but other members as well.

What are you talking about with Jennie? Tae bias as well as army dislike that girl and no one hyped it up but his antis and blinks. This was a lie you could have kept to yourself. And in any case, if a member is being dragged… as their stan wouldn’t you want to defend them regardless of the circumstances? Y’all weird for picking which times to defend a member you supposedly support.

I said Tae hates being in the group or are you projecting? I personally believe he loves those guys like family. He is super supportive of them all… but what does that have to do with armys not streaming his music like the others? You never see the excitement about Taehyungs projects like you do some of the other members. And when called out the go to thing to say is “solo” to keep from having to explain yourselves.

I think the ones brainwashed are OT7s to never question the all mighty fandom for fear of being “othered” or “solo”. When you have armys defending major fanbases that have repeatedly shown to be antis or stalkers (Bora) just because solos ranged the bell on them, you have to question just how deep the sheep mentality runs.


… I mean… points was made especially the bora one and hidden biases. Why can’t we get rid of bora after all her shit???????????????? Why does she have minions??????????????????!!

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But I wasn’t done…

Fandom be more defensive of fanbases than the actual artist. Wbk


modooborahae? her stans are delusional af. that hag literally revealed where Jin is gonna enlist but her stans defend her so much lmao


I’m an army my self but v stans and taekooker been nasty towards jennie and they expect us to be on their side. Yikes


And who is talking about jennie ? Fucking idiot , we are talking about Taehyung and the way all of you disgusting pieces of shit are his ANTIS.


You ain’t an army for one.

Since when does Tae NEED/WANT help from jendogs? Jennifer’s fans has harassed Tae for a whole year and the fact that you think she is the victim shows just how much of a blank you are. Yikes

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What the fuck does that girl has to do with this issue?? also bitch its only you ppl who are bringing up that girl in tae’s business none of tae stans are interested in that bs. Shippers like taekookers, taennies aka jikookers are the only one who cares and


Can jenitals sit the fck down, yall got nothing to do with this idiots

Get a life

Are they not this same JOKERS hating/attacking Jennie claiming to be Taeahyung’s fans so blinks could hate on Taehyung


Well, I’m not a Tae stan but I speak for many when I say Jennie aka Seoul cycle is cheap. Nobody likes easy girls


Sound like virgin person who never dated anyone! Only social rejected ppl call a woman seoul cycle for having 2 ex!!! Like are you kidding me?
Since your not tae stan then shu.t up and stop set him up for blinks to hate on him even more!!!
And as women im saying this to you :jina have some selfrespect cuz ppl will sl* shame you if you ever date more than 1 ppl.! As women im embarass seeing you like this cuz you only not sl* shame jennie but every girl who dated more than 1 person! Have some self_love as woman
You really think bts are still virgins and never dated anyone?? Bet Your one of those fans who think bts have no right to be in love and date anyone!
Its always none tae stan who set him up to nasty blinker but no were to be found to defend him and support his ptoject!


“ARMY ” you are so fuking fake all of you rats only pretend to be Taehyung fans just for your stupid ot7 tittle .Go to fucking hell ,and focus on your real 6 favs


I agree with you 100%. If they were a real ARMY they would love all 7 of them equally. Most of these so called ARMY’S are so damn delusional with all this shipping bullshit. Get out of your damn imagination. They have been through so much together. Of course they are going to be close to each other. That’s what you call Brotherhood. 7-1=0 If you don’t love them all, then fuck off and don’t call yourself ARMY.


They aint his stan. They mostly set him up to blinker by using his pic as their profile . It include taekookers too ! Most only love him for their ship (like we said do not share video abt him in meixco but yet all of them posted ,) and they are no where to be found when its come to supporting his solo project . They even said voting for him is useless but i see how they are so fast to share voting and…. for kookie


not the kokoflop stan trying to stir shit…

uga uga

I know B-Armys are indeed a bunch of brainwashed cult-mannered people, however V still is the second most popular member in Brazil so this seems weird


Streaming numbers disagree


how do they disagree when yoongi and his streams match and both of them haven’t had new releases? yoongi at least had a collab which is definitely not being added to the streams shown here.


Suga and August D’s numbers are split.

We all know they are the same person and August D’s numbers trump Taehyung’s by a wide portion. Adding Sugas streams (who had no releases but still nearly matched Tae’s despite taehyung’s ost being a very late 2021 release) furthers highlights barmys favoritism and rejection. That means they are streaming Sugas old songs instead of Tae’s new one. Y’all act dense on purpose or?

So again… the numbers disagree

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wow this just sucks. why barmy are like this? this makes me so sad for tae 😞


remember when this site used to have even the tiniest bit of standards for posts


Bringing solos fighting each other as a topic is super ridiculous


exactly. like these fckers need to stay on their side of twt and leave armys alone.

But I wasn’t done…

B armys are jikook shippers and we all know how that goes 🤷🏼‍♀️

Military Wife ⁷

Why are you blame jikookers instead of standing up for taehyung?


We focus on them because y’all are the root of the problem


Because barmys aren’t doing it coz they don’t want to support tae they are doing all this bs coz they are mostly jikookers and hate tae


Jikook is literally one of their top searched key words on Google and we all know how those delusional shippers hate on Taehyung.

WhatsThe Point

Everyone talks abt taekookers but I barely see anyone call out jikookers.
Like all shippers are deranged but I don’t see people having the same energy for jikookers, who actually planned a detailed hate campaign against tae.

Honestly the hate against tae is also not given much attention in the fandom


they also were heavily involved in spreading the rumors about V dating Joanna back then and also were the first ones to spread pictures of V smoking and continuously use things like him smoking or calling him bald to drag him.


Visit tae’s report acc and see also the fact majority of taennie shipper are jikookers speaks volumes. J-jokers have organised hate campaign against him and have been moving ever since last oct, oh not to mention how they are creating fake rumours, and that psycho who was trying to create bullying rumours about tae and her only motive was to get tae out of jikook’s way


You all user post are just 😮‍💨 this site is just destroyed.

And on the topic nah they don’t see him as threat but majority of them are jikookers and they just don’t like tae so they don’t support him


Jikooker are the new taekookers. Starting to think jk solos are the common denominator of the Tae hate train.

But I wasn’t done…

And Jimin hate


Funny how no one ever focuses on the jk solos while Vmin solos get beat down. It’s nearly genius. Jk solos instigate and then watch Tae and Jimin solos kill each other.

Lazy Banana

Yep even a big fansite for a taekook is jk biased and constantly shades taehyung and the projects are always unequal but they claim it’s all equal lmao


LOL ik who you’re talking about 👀

Dot Com

Tae really be bringing y’all the clicks. Y’all post shit about him more than anything and usually it’s to bring him hate. Stop letting folks post on here ffs


Trying to do a week streaming party during weekend and holidays in Brazil is a certificate fail for every fandom.

The Christmas holiday in Brazil is in summer, people are not listening to Christmas song, they’re listening to national music instead like funk, forró, sertanejo and others. Brazilian Spotify chart is one of the hardest to get in due to the big consume of local music.

Taehyung birthday is not only near to the Christmas holiday but also to the new year Eve, with means that the consume of local music will be BIG. His week streaming would be shadowed by it.

And be for real, shippers are in every country and behave the same, y’all searching for a reason to call a whole fanbase a member anti even though this member is one of the most popular in that same country is pure comedy.

Even for a whole BTS project it would be a sacrifice to get in the top100.


What does this have to do with barmys not streaming only taehyung throughout the year?????


LMAOOOO The Philippines, a wholeass Catholic country where Christmas season starts in September and ends in January (yes, they celebrate Christmas that long) streamed Taehyung’s music so much that Christmas Tree has never left their Daily Chart. It charted even on the Billboard US Hot100 despite Christmas songs taking over but nahhhh BARMYs always use the excuse of a holiday like brooo, we all know you LOOOVE the fact that Taehyung’s bday is on Christmas and that he mostly releases new songs on Christmas season so you can have this excuse to go on a “holiday.” I hope he never steps one foot in that godforsaken country.


are you serious? Brazil has over 200 million inhabitants and you wanna compare us with Philippines? put a song in Spotify top 100 isn’t as easy as in most countries. I don’t know how Christmas and New Year is in your country, but here people normally listen to music a lot, more than the rest of the year, so, if you are soo worried about it, use a vpn and try to put any song in top 100


Posts from solo stans are pointless.


why whenever post about taehyung always categories as solo stan??


pannkpop started going downhill when they changed the comment section. it became worse when they just let anybody start posting stupid shit


OT7 here are like ‘don’t judge an entire country based on Spotify numbers for one member’. Then why is it that the biggest fan base of Barmy with +80K followers gets to flaunt an OT6 post celebrating how just 6members have achieved milestones with a group picture that clearly shows their anti behavior towards Tae? Big Fanbases exhibiting OT6 behavior is common now. Either they don’t include Tae songs in their playlists (proved by the numbers where Tae has the least number of playlisting) and they give excuses like ‘it is a 2021 song as if it wasn’t released just one week before 2022 (as per their logic Christmas Tree should be streamed just one week) or other members (who I love) gets majority of their songs on playlists and Tae with only one song gets ignored. One fan base showing OT6 behavior is humiliating enough but now we have thousands of ARMYs who call themselves the biggest fandom (which I agree) unable to take a stand for the man they Stan. When main fanbases show anti behavior, they are nowhere to be seen. No wonder the hate campaign against Tae has been going on for more than a year. The fandom and the company have failed to protect one member. They fail to recognize his talent, fail to stream his songs, etc.


We have to work together for protect and stream to tae. I hope this situation gets fixed soon.🥺

No name

Didnt taehyung fans mostly are taekooker? Why are you saying armys as shipper lmao 🤣


Taekookers are Jungkook stans. Taehyung stans don’t ship like jikookers. We just want our boy left alone from both blinks and jikookers

Bla bla

Well that’s not totally true taekookers consists of both jk and kth Stans but mostly taehyung biased lol ,most of the jk Stans i have seen y/n shipper

Non hypocrite

The only thing missing from this post – numbers. Coz a lot of so called armys are defending these Brazilian folks aggressively. Based on an ASSUMPTION that these retards support all members. Including numbers would have shut these people up for good. Latam countries typically contribute about 1 million streams for their imaginary “couple”. A little less for other members. BUT FOR TAEHYUNG. They contributed around 200k streams. If you think that’s a coincidence, you need to touch some grass. OR admit you’re one of them. Good day.


those screenshots were taken from a post in april, we are in December, if you wanna talk bullshit about us, at least make a decent research.


Taehyung go SOLO leave that group and their stupid disgusting ot6 fans


I would love that. Ot6 forever


And your group would flop without him bitch

But I wasn’t done…

He doesn’t need to go solo he just needs a better fandom


This post is telling the truth lol, got blocked by a barmy chart account for asking them to include taehyung’s song Christmas tree on their 2022 playlist because essentially CT was released just a week away from 2022. Found out most of them are mlm shippers especially jikookers so i went like no wonder lmaoo

Military Wife ⁷

Kths are so dramatic🙄



Last edited 9 months ago by kima

Bullshit 💀


they don’t vibe with his music y’all are children complaining, it’s not like his songs are groundbreaking good and they’ve done him injustice. They are not into shipping, that just proves how they see real potential in other areas instead of the regular hype he gets cause of delusional shipping. Taehyung is popular in Asian countries where shipping culture is more prominent and music doesn’t matter anyways.


Agree. Most tae stans are taekooker. Also his songs are basically all the same


Armys are a bunch of shit heads and tae antis. The way you resorted to dragging his artistry and implying how taehyung is only popular bc of ships rather than calling out difference in support from a whole country lmao. You guys are full on antis who have no respect for him at all just like majority of fake OT7 armys.

Funny how when taehyung has more fancam views or insta followers, there is every single member fan in his business victimising the hyung line but when it comes to music which should be supported by all cuz you call yourself OT7, majority of big fanbases rarely ever support him out of jealousy and no one calls them out. The way you guys are justifying armys indifference towards his music and lack of support already tells me how pathetic you are.


Blah blah bruh I’m not a shipper, artistry my ass, he got like less than 20 credits in ten years. All similar songs and his songs are not even that great, y’all love it cause y’all love him. Stop behaving like children cause somebody doesn’t like him 😭 Dumbfucks fr, a whole country cannot be of shippers bfr. It’s music we are talking about. Tell him to get into the studio and work hard, he hasn’t even released a solo works in past aside from osts in his friends drama. Ik very well how other members made their own mixtapes while being on tour.


Lie after lie. Tae is the only vl member that even takes the time to write and release his own music often. Y’all are Blanton Tae antis and then wonder why he has the most solos that don’t wanna join army. The fandom is a brainwashed cult of jealous freaks like yourself.


It doesn’t make a difference, he got like less than 20 credits on his name 😭 those credits include skits not even whole songs. Lol he hasn’t made a mark as a solo artist and nor are his osts something Latam would sit and listen to. Stop behaving like kids cause he can’t be first, guess music is music you can’t overhype your ships or face in it..


Which lie ? He hardly has ever contributed anything. If not vl let’s talk about rl, they are the ones who contribute and even make creative roots musics. Your taehyung’s music is ass and tell him to step into the studio

Last edited 9 months ago by Nian

Denigrating Taehyung’s work won’t make your ship jikook real, you piece of shit… and no, no one in their right mind could be a shipper, that’s just you who have never been loved. jikookers and taekookers are the same garbage with a different smell, equally rotten


Stupid shippers actually believe their favs are gay for each other like bro wake up


Bro we all know who’s ship is the most famous in the fandom. Taehyung has been carrying himself by ships so hard that he don’t even make good music


I couldn’t give two fucks about a ship 😭 mnot a shipper and you can’t go on about how Latins are somehow some kinda shippers 😭 bfr he don’t be making any good music so suck it up your ass. Same old Christmas osts with English lyrics ain’t gonna impress up. If we don’t like him it’s not our fault fuck off


Bruh fuck all the ships, the problem is his music, it’s ass 😂

Dot com

Says a jikook stan


Taehyung? One of the only members to get a daesang nomination and you’re here showing yourself as a brain dead anti. Jk is the most shipped person in the group and his solo songs are among the most basic but yet he gets crazy streams. Doing backflips to justify hate only to show the school doors were closed for you.


Both their music is basic af, jk is the most shipped person with Taehyung, both do a hell lot of fanservice and thrive on it. If latam don’t like them and their music it’s not their fault, stop behaving like children

Bla bla

Most basic ? Have ever listened to it , or u just comment random shit


Bruh show me any thing authentic which will strike him as good or even a little creative and the we’ll talk


Majority of big army fanbases dislike Tae. They either go on a hiatus or rarely post when he makes music. Btschartdata and other big accounts that hold streaming parties are also included in them. Btschartdata was also seen talking trash about taehyung in his private acc and other big army accounts are also hyung line biased or jikook biased hence they only encourage streaming for other members and sheep armys follow.

The only big Tae biased account was dragged away from twitter years back and thetaeprint suspended because armys don’t want anyone to support Tae alone while also not giving him any support themselves. It’s frustrating how far they go just bc they don’t like a member. Fancam views are always a huge victimising agenda with everyone pitying the hyung line members yet no one speaks up about blatant difference in support for their music and artsitry. Taehyung’s streaming numbers from Brazil are shockingly low compared to other members. If OT7 really do care about taehyung as they speak then we wouldn’t be seeing this preferential treatment or lack of support for 1 member cuz you guts are all hidden antis.


If your solo fandom is so big then fuck off and stream from your country. Taehyung is no threat, tell him to make some good music or atleast be creative to pull out something authentic. Not everybody has to like him

Bla bla

Well army’s love taehyung,he literally the most biased member out there ,most of the army’s i met are either taehyung or jk biased lol and twitter isn’t the place were u count the popularity or anything


well, it seems that anyone can come and post twitter bullshit on this site lmfaoo that’s why this place is so flop!! we came for the translation posts of Korean forums not to see stupid fat blue haired ppl bring topics that only exists in their delulu minds lol leave it to twitter


This is not news. STFU already.


bunch of weirdos thinking their fav should be first on the list every where like grow tf up and stream for him if you think he should go solo and bts would flop without him lmfao


Tf is this? It’s always solo stans complaining how their idol is “treated so unfairly by Armys”. Ya’ll have no business demanding “fair treatment” for the idol you stan while bashing the other members. Hypocrisy much?


He’s a flop there cause everybody knows that Taehyung is literally the most shipped member. These ppl are ridiculous lmao.


How does that make sense when jikook and taekook are the most popular ships????? Are you dumb

Bla bla

This site is infested with kths , but i do agree as an ot7 that b army’s kinda seem shady towards tae , but that doesn’t give any right to anyone to drag other members in the comments , just drag the b army’s for not giving equal treatment not the members.

Stuti Shaw

Stop neglecting and hating Tae he is precious 😥

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