Why B-Armys treats Kim Taehyung as a threat?

Why B-Armys treats Kim Taehyung as a threat?

Brazilian army, known as b-armys in the BTS fandom is known for their ability as monster streams and concert enthusiasts. However, a majority of the B-armys are into shipping, thus resulting in a dismissing attitude towards one the members, Kim Taehyung, aka BTS V.

So, treating V as a threat they tend to not add his songs in playlists, streaming battles and dismissing his individuality as a musician, all thanks to an imaginary ship. Brazilian army’s biggest fanbase @BARMYSTREAM had to delete a tweet featured the Top Artists of Brazil Spotify, featuring the rest of the BTS members, after receiving flak.

The stats shows that b armys continues to neglect the singer’s release despite having releasing the most successful osts and critically acclaimed songs under his belt. Even though Kim Taehyung is the member who is known for his trademark statement ‘Army should love all 7 bts members’, looks like the statement doesn’t apply to the person who coined the words.

Looks like we have to wait until BTS reveals their partners in future for brazilian armys to come out of their delusional thoughts and treat one of the seven members as normal.

Last year, the streaming team decided to postpone the birthday celebration streaming week known as ‘TAEWEEK’ to a different month because the member’s birthday falls within the Christmas vacation week, which is normal considering the circumstances.

However, the shipper side of the fandom ignored the streaming parties the next month, with only a small number of them attending. Unsurprisingly, they are continuing the same method like a tradition this year too. It should be mentioned that during BTS and other individual releases, Brazilian countries typically takes the top rank.

However, despite the embarrassing treatment from one side of the fandom, Kim Taehyung’s latest release OST ‘Christmas Tree’ is still thriving on charts is currently on its way to 200 M streams on Spotify. All thanks to its popularity, the nearly one-year-old song is also spontaneously rising on Korean platforms, currently charting #23 on daily OST charts in Melon.

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