Why did TXT’s Yeonjun have to smile even when hit by trash?

TXT attended the ‘Music Bank in Chile’ concert held at the Estadio Mâs Monumental in Santiago, Chile at 8pm on the 12th.

However, on the day of the performance, there were abnormal weather conditions such as heavy rain, hail and lightning, and finally, the performance was canceled, TXT took to the stage and apologized to the audience. However, the unsatisfied fans who waited for their performance even threw things at the members.

Yeonjun was hit by trash. However, he still smiled at the fans until the last minute, showing his professional spirit until he stepped off the stage

1. Oh my god… Never go to Chile again

2. But why should the singer apologize for the interruption of the performance?

3. Hey, why did you guys throw things at the members?

4. Chile, what the hell have you guys done?

5. Are they crazy?

6. Oh my God; Even though they’re not my idols, I’m so angry, are they really crazy?

7. Don’t go to Chile anymore

8. Don’t go to Chile anymore, why should you go while being treated like that?

9. We will never go to Chile again

10. Honestly, this is my first time hearing about Chile like this. I’m so disappointed

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