Why do BLACKPINK members dress like this these days?

What’s wrong with BLACKPINK these days ;;;;

It’s true that they look pretty, but what’s up with their outfits?

Aren’t their outfits too sexy?

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Some comments on Pann

[+111, -9 Shouldn’t other people wear clothes that you can’t wear? Pretty and slim kids can wear them. Don’t get mad at clothes that don’t fit your body and pretty girls wearing them ㅠㅠ

[+107, -6] Who said BLACKPINK always wears outfits that match cute and innocent concepts?… Just take care of your singer

[+93, -3] Isn’t it weird that you think like that when you look at them…?

[+36, -67] I don’t know why I don’t think they look sexy at all. If Karina wore it, it would be different

[+16, -0] Looks like you have to have a body like Karina, Jihyo, and Lee Hyori to be a hot topic

[+9, -0] They look like elementary school students

[+9, -0] Why wasn’t Lisa there?

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But I wasn’t done…

Western validation group. They wanna be accepted by the west so they dress like the west


U want them dress like 7y/o kids like newjeams? LMFAO

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But I wasn’t done…

I don’t care about how they dress but their culture is super conservative. one would not have to ponder long about why their style changed after titty sucking the west. Validation. “I’m different than those other kpop girlies”


Yo read the comments? Literally people supporting their style. Stop talking like you live there you don’t know about K-culture o something like that


Not bts stan talking about western validation 🤣🤣 yall surely are shameless

WhatsThe Point

BTS weren’t desperate to repeatedly discount their album and go to stores to get their albums sold.
They don’t even have a US label unlike other kpop grps, western validation last thing

believe what you want

the same bts who released multiple versions of the same song just so they could get that number 1? 🤭 cmon now


Butter Bathroom remix!


and dynamite toilet remix!

But I wasn’t done…

Lame. more so given that even THAT remix would outsell hagpink on hot100. And it wouldn’t be close. Bts has actual support demand in the states. Hagpink has payola and begging the few twinks that listen to them to actually buy their 10k teddy remix. Y’all pathetic

But I wasn’t done…

A butter bathroom remix would still block a bp TT without bts begging for our support in the states. Y’all are idiots.

But I wasn’t done…

Not the hill you wanna die on given that BPs last flopback was just them literally begging y’all to buy their song and going on a beg your to targets and record store to guilt y’all into supporting your own fads.

But I wasn’t done…

Bts still would be number one without the remixes so now where’s the drag because I already found the lie


The same bts who were caught begging snoop dog for a collab?

But I wasn’t done…

Lol what? Y’all should write more fanfics cuz it’s mildly entertaining. What’s not a fanfic is BP begging and bribing their own fans to keep them from flopping in the us and y’all couldn’t even do that. Them fads been sucking… up… to every white man in the west that they think will give them advantages.

But I wasn’t done…

Bts is the only group qualified to talk about success in the west meanwhile these flops had to beg y’all just to pull 100k sales for their flopback to get number one. Blinks and bp are indeed shameless western ass lickers


Ummm….. It’s true why comment about anyone dressing sense it’s none of your business. But bodyshaming someone other in the means of protecting someone is also not right. Slim or not slim. Ladies can wear whatever they want. Even if they belong to innocent or cute concept they can wear these clothes of they want to and if they are comfortable with it. What’s with you judging them. Twice was bashed this year for choosing to wear a little revealing clothes. Like they all are over twenty here too. They making money paying bills and stuff. What’s with ppl like you judging their entire prospect over what they want to wear.


It’s over 2022 now going 2023 soon. We ain living in 1906 or something where ladies need to have long lengths to cover up their body parts. And these ladies are celebrities. Just cause they are k-pop idols doesn’t mean they need to listen to all shit we spit to them. Especially not over there dressing choices.


Yet another day where jealous misogynists waste their time trying to body shame and pervertedly police what grown women wear… Stop wasting your time and CREATE YOUR OWN SUCCESS instead of tearing others down. I can say this because I’m actually working hard in computer science right now.


Oh look hype boy again. They r literally approaching 30 n u want them dress like 7y/o kids then?????


They’re grown woman, so they can wear what they fckng want 😎


Blackpink this days has appeared to be slutty girls. No sense of modesty.yucksss. They need it so that they can attract men.

Nayeon's wife

Sorry but they aren’t like you. Got nothing better to do than shaming other girls? U srsly need to get a life


That’s their selling point, why these guys bother?

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