Why do BLACKPINK members dress like this these days?

What’s wrong with BLACKPINK these days ;;;;

It’s true that they look pretty, but what’s up with their outfits?

Aren’t their outfits too sexy?

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Some comments on Pann

[+111, -9 Shouldn’t other people wear clothes that you can’t wear? Pretty and slim kids can wear them. Don’t get mad at clothes that don’t fit your body and pretty girls wearing them ㅠㅠ

[+107, -6] Who said BLACKPINK always wears outfits that match cute and innocent concepts?… Just take care of your singer

[+93, -3] Isn’t it weird that you think like that when you look at them…?

[+36, -67] I don’t know why I don’t think they look sexy at all. If Karina wore it, it would be different

[+16, -0] Looks like you have to have a body like Karina, Jihyo, and Lee Hyori to be a hot topic

[+9, -0] They look like elementary school students

[+9, -0] Why wasn’t Lisa there?

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