Why do fans act like K-Pop male idols are obsessed with Lisa?

They edit videos of Korean male idols being obsessed with Lisa

There aren’t even any dating rumors between them, why do her fans keep doing this?

On YouTube they call it lizkook, Lisa and Jungkook are edited as an official couple, and there are many edited videos like Jungkook is obsessed with Lisa. If I were a fan of Jungkook, I would be annoyed

Why are they doing this to Jungkook?

I know Lisa did nothing wrong, but what her fans do is really disgusting

Am I the only one who hates those videos?

It’s like her fans are waiting for dating rumors like this

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But I wasn’t done…

It’s what blinks do, sponge off bts popularity to boast their flops


go worry about btshit in military instead

But I wasn’t done…

Bts will still be more successful and talented while fatpink will continue to beg for clout after all these years.


what does fatpink mean tho?

But I wasn’t done…

Fatpink is what your group sees in the mirror every day and why they pretend to eat. Except Jennie… she’s actually fat.


Jennie is fat ?? Bich what 😭🤣 did you drop school or you dont really know what fat really means ? You fkn idiot


why would we worry about them in the military? yall so corny if you think this is a drag lmaooo


Her obsessed SEA fans always like that


There are so many of these odd weird videos/pairings simply because these fans are envisioning themselves as a specific member; to be pretty, popular, successful and rich.

BP girls are essentially self-insert fantasies; that’s the way they were sort of marketed, and that’s why their images hardly overlap. In the most one dimensional description: Jennie is the princess, Lisa is the hip tomboy, Rose is the indie chick and Jisoo is the girl next door.


for real her SEA fans are so unhingedly weird


i remember the time i used to search reaction videos,there were videos recommended like BTS members reaction to bp’s stages/their solos ect & they had millions of views..& i was speechless like how delusional could u be to watch two different video edited together & convince yourself that it’s real & get excited???

WhatsThe Point

That yt video discussing self insert …
Their stans live through those girls


Just self insert. Especially since she’s from SEA, more relatable for them to self insert. Also Lisa’s personality is bubbly and so likeable, she has a great skill too. So literally the perfect Mary sue Y/N character.


Lisa’s fans are actually really deranged and disgusting.


haesoo shippers are worse they create fake scenarios and spread fake info and rumors for their ship and link that man to Jisoo’s works


this is what we mean when we say blackpink is popular because people use them as self-inserts.

Jj dw

You ans the idiots in this fvcking comment section ever heard of ” shipping videos” where idols are shipped together and fans gether moments between them to romanticize a fictional relationship .. it has nothing to do with clout jist fans fantasies alot of these idols are shipped together not only lisa .. jingkook for example is shipped with alot of female idols


Lisa fans don’t ship her, infact they despite male idols n shippers.

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