Why do hoobae singers always have to cover the sunbaes? It would be more fun the other way around

Irene doing the narcissistic mirror dance (IVE)

Jennie doing ‘I’ll climb higher’ (LE SSERAFIM)

Nayeon doing ‘Attention~’ would be so fun, I want to see it

1. Wow, all three of them are perfect for those dances

2. I think it will be funㅋㅋ

3. Nayeon will do well with Hype Boy

4. It won’t happen, but I think it will be fun

5. I can understand why they don’t do it, but I want to see it at least once ㅋㅋ

6. I want to see Nayeon’s Attention…….

7. Nayeon and Attention seem to match well

8. All three are perfect…. How can you imagine this?

9. Everything is perfect, I want to see it at least once

10. 4th generation female idol songs are all good songs, so I think it will be fun

11. Well, it really suits Jennie’s voice

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It happened with Next Level. Many seniors covered it. There was this great Next Level cover too by Kahi(after school) Sunye(Wonder Girls) and more.

Lazy Banana

Because most senior singers, particularly successful ones, are usually too busy to do anything like this. Most of them are on tours, on a hiatus, etc.

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