“Why do you blame the victim?” Netizens react to BTS RM posting about his privacy being violated on Instagram story

BTS RM posts article about his privacy being violated on Instagram story

“Korail employee who released unauthorized personal information of BTS RM ‘Leaked ticket information for 3 years”

“I checked RM’s reservation details and I went to see him in person.

My friend informed me where RM was sitting so that I could pick a nearby seat.”

1. Namjoonie.. I feel bad for him ㅜㅜ

2. Namjoonie, I hope you don’t get hurt ㅠㅠ

3. In fact, most fans try to pretend that they don’t know in order to protect the privacy of BTS members even if they happen to meet each other, and the members know about it and even say they are so grateful.. I really feel bad for him

4. Why can’t celebrities use public transport? The employee who steals personal information is the problem, don’t touch him

5. Seriously, that employee should be punished as a criminal, not as an internal discipline

6. There are a lot of celebrities using KTX when going to Busan or other provinces due to their schedules… Why do you blame the victim?

7. 3 years? Is that employee crazy?

8. Living like a celebrity in Korea is hard, even in this article fools who blame the victim are crazy

9. Yes, that employee is crazy, but is there any reason why celebrities use public transport instead of driving their own cars…? It seems that they believe in the world too much

10. Are you blaming the victim? There are a lot of celebrities using public transport abroad, so are they too trusting in this world?

11. RM is a bodhisattva

12. Namjoon likes to travel by train, I feel bad for him

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dot com bubble

Hmm? I’m confused, who is blaming RM? The haters? Or Korail?


i think people in the comments are questioning why he would use public transportation


But if he pulled a taylor swift and flew to busan ppl woukd drag him for the environmental impact so really he cannot win


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namjoon loves to ride public transportations 🙁


First a monk, now an employee from his own company. smh. Who can he and BTS members trust if the people who they never expect to harm them harmed them


Its not his own company. Its KTX employee. The train company


Are your comprehension skills that horrible???

It says KTX employee not Hybe employee.

Gosh. That’s how rumours start and nobody bothers checking it.


9. Yes, that employee is crazy, but is there any reason why celebrities use public transport instead of driving their own cars…? It seems that they believe in the world too much

Look at the stupidity of this comment


Like SINCE WHEN CELEBRITIES AREN’T ALLOWED TO USE PUBLIC TRANSPORT??? Unless there’s a sign “available to everyone except celebrities” then they’re free to use it!


And namjoon doesnt drive so what is he gonna do…bike to busan? It was probably a personal schedule so without security or manager so staff would not drive him there


RM is clearly super into the sustainable life, he went barging into HYBE’s shareholder meetings giving them a whole powerpoint refusing BTS to have any association with NFT, bet he’s the type of person who uses public transport as much as he can to save emissions, I have people that I know personally who have money to buy cars but prefer to use bike and ride subways instead. Stop blaming him, weirdos.


It doesn’t matter why Namjoon travels by public transport, what matters is that he has the right to do whatever he wants without some vermin stalking his private life. 


Such hypocrisy that they blame Joon for using public transport bc these would be the same ppl to curse at the members for “harming the environement” when they use private jets for their jobs or “getting special treatment” when other ppl treat them differently than the public bc of their status.

And I can’t believe this guy is only getting suspended for smt he’s been illegally doing for 3 YEARS! Why wasn’t he outright fired!?

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Rumours say the employee is a relative of one of KTX high rank managers.

bts army7263

screw that employee i hope he SUES


He knows he’s not popular….so he took train


Jahat dia percaya dengan army yang gak akan ganggu privasi dia, tapi dia lupa kalau dia tertalu populer sehingga dia banyak memiliki sasaeng gila di sekitar dia


Not popular? He’s not someone from nct 💀


This poor man can’t catch a break first the monk and now this


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Can’t a man ride a train without being criticized?

seungri is free

Unlucky for train monster 🙂 lol

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