Why is Jennie EMV so low ?

BLACKPINK members occupy the Top 5 list of K-pop Idol Influencers with the highest Earned Media Value (EMV) at the Paris Fashion Week Menswear/Womenswear SS23!


1. #LISA    (@celineofficial) $29M

2. #JISOO    (@Dior) $22.4M

3. #ROSÉ    (@YSL) $21.7M

5. #JENNIE    (@CHANEL) $11.4M

Jisoo of BLACKPINK Tops The List of Top 10 Influencers at Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Spring/Summer 2023

BLACKPINK’s #LISA    is the #1 Influencer at Paris Fashion Week with the HIGHEST Earned Media Value — $29M EMV and 12% engagement rate.

All members have more than 20M EMV , why jennie, whose fans proclaim that she is superior to all members could not have the same numbers? 

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asia 🤍

Because she had 1 day of tracking, bitch lol

Last edited 5 months ago by asia 🤍

Lisa also had a tracking day, what are you saying? lol


lisa shared 4 posts on different days jennie only shared 2 posts on the same day and earned 11 million dollars in just one day lol bigger than your dreams


This is not tracking day..this called engagement rate


pannkpop is trully jennie anti🤬


an international akgae can easily used this sites now, even u can see the username though, its a lisdogs stan


As they should


they post a lot of taehyung negative articles from pann sites on here too dude. but yeah as they should


HYBEBOY working so hard these days


I don’t know which mental hospital you ran away from . You just want to hate on people on this website . Doesn’t matter it’s blackpink , BTS , I’ve ,stray kids ,… You just want to talk shit


I don’t see any B0ts members there. Worry about that instead. LV is a flop signing contract with them


Thats why you’re stupid & pathetic. Hobi got the most engagement rate while not attending + only posted 1 post about LV & he stills there, out rated everyone that personally attended the fashion shows, & that included jennie. Taehyung only posted 1 post about celine & his emv is higher than any 4 of lisa celine posts. Lucky for lisa they counted overall post for emv not each post. & his engagement rate was the most highest than she who came as ambassador while he was just a guest. Plus Taehyung is the #1 main highlight of fahion week this year, & he attended the show just once. Bp should be grateful that BTS member isnt active as model & influencer, but not too lucky either bcs they still got outsold, out rated, & out impact. This goes to any of the kpop idols including whoever nugu u stan 😬


Not the daily tae praise. That acc sometimes posting fake achievements


Didn’t matter which acc the pic are from, it was posted by many acc, just happened to be the chosen acc 🤷‍♂️


if you talk about this to a person in real life out there , they’ll just be staring at you dumbfounded cause why does this matter so much 😭 probably cause I’m not a blink but ummsmdmsks idt the emv matters that much that these girls would be jobless and penniless as soon as their emv is low .

Busybody pooh

The same chick that fans claim Tae needs for clout. Humbling moments are the best moments me thinks


it because jennie only have one day tracking. lisa,jisoo and rose have weeks even month tracking. and she only post two chanel related. for one day jennie already done great.
but seeing the user name we know whoever it is its a jennie anti. howthis sites can approve someone else especially anti to post? its not even a pann sites from knetz anymore but more likes a sites for any akgae to post whatever they wants


Yall worry more about EMV than the fact that your girls have less songs compared to rookie with no variation of genre just proves that blinks stan BP because they’re popular, not because their music is good




Stupid bitch cant even differentiate stay, lsg, d4, pv, ice cream and shut down. Thats why you mom disown u bitch

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