“Why is Jungkook’s hair like that??” Choo Sung Hoon x BTS Jungkook two-shot

Choo Sung Hoon x BTS Jungkook two-shot (Choo Sung Hoon’s Instagram)


1. Choo Sung Hoon speaks English well, our Jungkook is still handsome and cute

2. Why is Jungkook’s hair like that?? Maybe fans like it…?

3. Jungkook is so cute

4. There’s something on Jungkook’s lips?

5. It doesn’t matter what hairstyle he has during his breakㅋ

6. Jungkook is so handsome and cuteㅋㅋ

7. These two pictures are so pretty ㅠㅠ Jungkook is so pretty ㅠㅠ

8. Jungkook is cool, cute and polite

9. Our Jungkook who is kind and loved everywhere~

10. In an era where women have short hair, there’s nothing wrong with men’s long hair

11. He’s so handsome, cute and polite. My Jungkook is so pretty ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

12. Wow, lovely, polite and kind are always the words that people praise Jungkook~

13. I guess the two of them decided to meet again and exercise

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2. Why is Jungkook’s hair like that?? Maybe fans like it…?

HE likes it and that’s all that matters, just like his tats, piercings, social media, and every other choice he makes that people feel they have the right to have an opinion on.

Taste that savage

He looks like Walmart Jackie Chan 😂


Your fav looks like ollie london’s sister

King Kook

He’s so handsome 🥵 it’s 70s vibe


Man looks like Michael Jackson with extra muscles. How is that handsome? 💀


You’re running out of creative usernames I see 😭

Handsome Hyunjin

It’s giving 80s thug….He is very unattractive 🤢


That’s why you and your idol always lose in life 😂




Aged like milk


He can do what he wants with his hair and he will still look better than your faves


the obsessed crowd in the comments lmfaooo and Jungkook is still one of the greatest artists who is well know respected and loved and u kpoppie losers can go cry about it😆😁🫶


Plastic surgery monster

White cat

Stop talking about yourself here.


No, I only see a few OBSESSIVE maniacs 🤙

It's whatever

Jungkook is the prettiest, no matter when you read this it’ll always be true 😍


Calling a 30 year old man with tattoos, muscles and piercings as “pretty”? 💀🤢 not to mention he ugly af

White cat

He currently resting and enjoying his vacation. He have been taking care his appearance , styling and everything for more than 10 years. Let him just take a rest and let his hair breath 🤣🤣


That’s the problem. The problem is that Jungkook is happy and having a good time. That’s why people attack him 💆🏻‍♀️

White cat

They can’t accept that their own life suck. So they want to project it toward jk . Its so pathetic to see.

Seungri reformed

No one want colab and make photos with useless dishyung 🙂

White cat

Your dad must be hating himself for creating you.


Why are some of you here obsessed with how someone else does, or does not, like an idol’s hair? He himself seems to like it so is that not enough? Please go touch some grass kids, you’re not ok😱


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Ew ugly

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