Why K-pop idols keep promoting brands like Balenciaga after their global blacklash. BTS Jungkook update

Jungkook from BTS at Incheon airpoirt tonight.

Last November, an ad campaign featuring children holding teddy bears in bondage harnesses and costumes embroiled both Balenciaga and its designer, Demna, in controversy. Since then, the company has been on an arduous journey toward rehabilitation and is now quietly reemerging into the public sphere.

BOF and many fashion events made their statement against Balenciaga, Kim Kardashian who used to be one of their faces made a statement too and last week Selena Gomez apologized with her fans after posting an old photo using it.

Many celebrities took a stand against the brand at the request of their fans, yesterday Jungook from BTS who is a huge fan from the brand appeared at Incheon airport dressed head to toe with Balenciaga some fans on twitter asked him to stop since BTS is a member of UNICEF against child exploration, abuse and violence.

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why are you asking pannkpop readers? If it’s pannchoa probably you will get your answers but this troll-infested website ?


Supported violence….😂


another day another bait post.. imagine how tired we are atp


he’s just wearing clothes he own, he aint out here telling ppl to support them or doing photoshoot promoting their brand. please get a life.


Do you even realise how fast the items these idols wear get sold out when they appear with them, you must be really stupid to think that them wearing doesn’t make them support them

나리 화영

The outfit he wears, is over USD 1500, to some is a full month salary even in US. So, no it’s not gonna get sold out, regular fans or people (which 99%) make up the fandom, can’t afford to pay USD 1500.
So stop talking non sense and being stupid.

Last edited 5 months ago by 나리 화영

I knew this was gonna happen as soon as I saw his clothes just cause people don’t actually care about what they are talking about they just want to attack jk and wait on something so they can


blackpink fans are hilarious, they need to focus on defending jennie for her stupid decisions


Y’all are like roaches that keep coming back klno matter how much you get rid of them. Digusting idols and disgusting fans


Dumb rat


because no one outside of stan twitter gives a fuck.


K-Pop fans when their fav idol uses the rainbow emoji: OMG, inclusive icon!!!! He’s an ally. I’m so proud of him. This is why I stan them.

K-Pop fans when their fav idol does something racist, homophobic or seixst: He’s human just like us. He grew up in a different culture. He doesn’t speak English and doesn’t
know what it meant.


Well whats ur problem atleast he didn’t act in some rape fantasy after claiming to be a feminist, just because of some scandal what is he supposed to do throw his old clothes off ? Lol he didn’t promote anything or do anything to support the brand so shut the fuck up

Y’all need to first clear your girls Instagram page instead of shitting on others lol


Oh…then let me ask, should he throw away all his Balenciag clothes which HE BOUGHT with his OWN MONEY ? If it happens, people will accuse him as a wasteful and arrogant person. Do u think he should know all about fashion issues out there? How many of you actually know this issue beforehand?

He didn’t campaign an ads. He didn’t suggest people to buy the products. Let him live !


i miss when regular ass people couldn’t make posts


Idk does anyone outside of stan twt know fashion drama. This is the first in hearing of it. If ge was posing with the bondaged teddy hear then i would question judgement but just wearijg clothes he prob went to the mall to get? Ppl need to get a life.


You posted this on wrong place bud. Your intentions seems genuine. I recommend making a twitter thread or creating a story post on pannchoa. Here no one will take it seriously and will bash you instead.


What intentions,it’s a troll post ,it would be treated like it aswell lol , why do y’all care about him soo much like first dragging him for his lives now his clothes like are ur favs so boring that y’all need to peep into others

Last edited 5 months ago by Jiminie
Teenaged puppy

Blinks are pathetic


Damn jk is wearing Balenciaga 😕


Blinks focus on broken ankle and fake ass miss lazy challenge failed.


Didn’t he also get backlash for wearing clothes from a brand that his brother own??? Idk Jungkook doesn’t seem to care, he wears whatever he wants.

나리 화영

That’s his clothes, that he paid with his own money. If he throw them, you all be like “oh Jungkook is such a wasteful person, so arrogant” , if he wears them then you all say “boo, he promotes violence against kids”. Whatever he does, he always gets criticized. Before you open your mouths, don’t forget the guy donated 1 million USD for children’s hospital when Korean Govt didn’t allocate any funds.
Your Blackoink girls can’t relate. You guys have bigger problems to deal with, like Slujennie promoting r*pe, Lisa doing stripbar dances, people complaining about their concerts and lack of professionalism and lately, even falling asleep during their concert.
Jungkook can’t relate! 😂


This creepy supporting rape and pedophilia


If Korean news didn’t report on it then I don’t see how he would know


Ugly guy then there comes his ugly choices


U think bts actually care about this? They don’t. They are just as fake as any other artists


Ion maybe blink should focuse on jenslut participation in rape fantasies for men… we ain’t forgot

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