“Ever wonder why Lisa from BLACKPINK solo fanbase considered one of the most disgusting fandom of all time,here’s it why”

Recently YG entertainment released a statement about the same group member BLACKPINK Jennie Kim. A anonymous insider was invading her privacy & making theory about her consistently. Blinks sent many e-mails to YG, so after almost 5 months they took action regarding the issue.

But now some fans of the same group member saying that it’s actually all media play. 

Calling it a Pr stunt, a media play, and referring to her as a princes when she was actually a victim in all this.Saying everything was planned, that she was only being victimized, and accusing her mom of taking part in the invasion of her daughter’s privacy?These tweets were prompted by the fact when many International sites began to cover the story such as Rolling Stone,Billboard etc.

Some even admitted on their Social platform that whenever they drag Jennie,they gain more followers.Now imagine how disgusting the fandom is!

BLACKPINK Lisa has a huge solo fanbase, as we know Lisa is one of the humble K-pop idol but not her fans. Jennie Kim ranked no.01 as the most hated K-pop idol in 2020. The whole K-pop community can kind to other K-pop idols but it’s really rare to see for Jennie.