“Ever wonder why Lisa from BLACKPINK solo fanbase considered one of the most disgusting fandom of all time,here’s it why”

Recently YG entertainment released a statement about the same group member BLACKPINK Jennie Kim. A anonymous insider was invading her privacy & making theory about her consistently. Blinks sent many e-mails to YG, so after almost 5 months they took action regarding the issue.

But now some fans of the same group member saying that it’s actually all media play. 

Calling it a Pr stunt, a media play, and referring to her as a princes when she was actually a victim in all this.Saying everything was planned, that she was only being victimized, and accusing her mom of taking part in the invasion of her daughter’s privacy?These tweets were prompted by the fact when many International sites began to cover the story such as Rolling Stone,Billboard etc.

Some even admitted on their Social platform that whenever they drag Jennie,they gain more followers.Now imagine how disgusting the fandom is!

BLACKPINK Lisa has a huge solo fanbase, as we know Lisa is one of the humble K-pop idol but not her fans. Jennie Kim ranked no.01 as the most hated K-pop idol in 2020. The whole K-pop community can kind to other K-pop idols but it’s really rare to see for Jennie.

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the 4 solo/akgaes fandoms are disgusting to each other fav. they think highly of themselves as this “big” solo fandom to the 4 members when it’s just BLINKS doing the whole work. of course, they have their own fandoms but it’s not as big as they claim unless the group disbands & it takes a few years actually to have a REAL fandom without the fanbase they 1st start out with, for example; harry styles.


bulgari andv mag recognised lilies cause when they check the tags it’s all they find

also where are blinks when it comes to lisa’s album sales not being updated for 6 months?
y’all harassed her c bar because they boycoted yg

how many of blink fanbases hyped her vma votes the same way lilies did?

not to forget that a lot of ot4s have been exposed as straight up lisa anties , big accounts setting up lisa and refusing to delete or even using her to divert attention from other members…


Dear jannital i can make the same article with tweets from jenne’s and rose’s solo fandoms and even blinks towards lisa

jenholic alone is enough
y’all call her thai monkey on daily basis slut and body shame her
dragged her into j’s scandal with v and said that lisa was daiting gd to divert attention from jen….

but you are not a jennie fan if you don’t enjoy a good oll petty party

and yg’s media play is VERY obvious you need to be blind not to see it

not to forget that most of the tweets here barely have 20 likes lol

and let’s not forget that y’all enjoy this jen daiting scandals, and brag about them none stop on every platform, not to forget that some y’all share the leaks and even demanded more

y’all barely trended any hashtags compaired to the rap fiasco

but we all know the goal is not jen but downgrading lisa instead


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rose solo fandom send death threats to rollingstones over hairstyle andthe person incharge publicly exposed them, how about you make an article about that?
oh wait she’s not buzz worthy enough for you?


bich you didn’t clarify anything it’s all mental gymnastics to benefit your vetimisation agenda, it’s funny that you actually believe it shows how dellusional you are
here is a reddit article about it you can serach the editor’s account it’s where he exposed them


this was actually pretty big in the fandom just shows that you are hyper fixated on lisa lol


there are tons from 2022 too but y’all rather ignore them, and even if they were from 2020 they were still there a reminder of the icecream era and how y’all attacked lisa, but still played victim

not to forget racism towards her from your breeds and kneizens but y’all love to say it doesn’t matter

y’all are not the victims you think you are but that’s where y’all’s enjoyment lies take the victim agenda and there is nothing


a jendod setting up lisa with armies they start calling her mom a dog and refuses to delete the post


nope it was because of a jedog who posted lisa with her dog and put armies on the dog’s face, but when asked to delete she refused, so she set lisa up


jenitalls comming at lisa for singing her parts and showing the popcorn they are advertising


what about this jendog


you are a disgusting bread too don’t play dumb , y’all are still supporting jenholic every day and she calls lisa a thai monkey daily

a bunch of racists with the victim syndrom

not to forget calling lisa snake cause gd poste a story with her supprting elvis


also “blinks”


blinks during icecream,


cause it was lisa who got tons of hate during iceceam era especially from your bred cause she “took” your fave’s rap

but of course you have amnisia from that era cause it doesn’t suit your narrative


Don’t get me started on the hate lisa got during icecream from your breed


is the clout chasing using v ended so now y’all need lisa for the usual petty party or what?


even under this article omfg…


what y’all thought you can lie and not get clap back, if you actually read the commets you would know that jendogs are not the mew mews they think they are

tthe set up lisa with armies and started calling her om a dog yet re fused to remove the post one of the many things…

the victim syndrom is strong with y’all you can’t exist without it


They keep on downvoting you..


Pathetic loosers, they think the can say whatever and no one should clap back

armies say that yg media play jen every day yet it’s the minority of lisa fans tha concernes them

they are speting facts though yg is media playin for j’s hollywood debute using v you need to be deaf and blind not to see it


them setting lisa up to divert attention from jen while using lisa pfp clouns lol


nah i can give more screen shot this account has 14k+
and here are the proofs but y’all victim syndrom is too strong


Blinks setting lisa up to divert attention from jen’s scandals


From int.fan of BP, I see many k-medias, k-netizen keep attacking Lisa.


go to NB and type lisa and see the racism really shows that you are so deep in your victimisation agenda you are not even aware of lisa and blackpink being shamed for being thai or having a lot of sea fans

get out of your victimisation delulu buble for a bit


the reason why pannkpop is the most flop of all these translation websites is bc of this kind of post… like who gaf? just keep translating sh*t, stop allowing these fat retarded blue hair losers to post these things lol


“feminists” by blinks

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why do you suddenly assume i am a blink or even a feminist? i’m just tired of these stupid posts and discussions and i couldn’t care less about these Teddy Park’s puppets bitches and if feminists getting easily offended by someone calling them retarded fats then idc about feminism either (with Islamic countries raping and killing women for showing their hair this kind of thing shouldn’t be their priority tbh💀)

But I wasn’t done

All blink stans are trash. No need to compete with each other for the top title


Thank you for saying the truth, lisa fans are the worst and most toxic to jennie, cause they can’t see jennie getting attention, praise from pfw, now They’re attacking her using media play and telling she is not gba for chanel, like gave it a rest lisdog, she got so much slvtshaming for the past month now they’re on to jn ass again for yg giving her protection, they will attack her unprovoked, thats why lisa fans known as the most toxic and dumb fanbase, and lisa getting attacked cause they attack others, even armies now attack lisa cause of some toxic lisards, fucking dumbo bitches


Lisa stan are the worst believe me even blink fandom knows that, and here they commenting about how much hate lisa gets, do you even know that half the hate she get cause of lisard behaviour towards other idols? you’re calling jennie and rose slvshame foe hanging out with men, do you really think they will not retaliate? ofcourse they will, lisa gets hate basically for lisard behvaiour


yeah play the victim jen dogs cause you are not a jennital if you don’t enjoy an oll good petty party


Its fucking creepy how much dmb is those lisa fans, slender other girls, they are the worst like worst of all fanbase, the attack they gave jennie daily is so unfair to her, Jennie is known to be such a sweetest girl, she dont deserve it at all, after 7 years this company finally moving for jennie, they didn’t even move for jennie in 2018 when the lazy issue came out, and she got tons of hate. thank god jennie is still unbothered, happy, still successful and rich 🙏


jen’s dogs slander lisa daily, yg litterally payed to remove lazy j video from youtube while they needed thai embassy to move about lisa getting death threats from your breed


Both lisa and jennie solo stans are the worst of the fandom, the difference between both is that jennie stans act like they think theyre angels and are hardly criticized while lisa stans are called out all the time when both are equally toxic towards each other and the rest of the members. This post itself and the many posts from jennie stans saying how jennie is “mistreated” and how lisa “steals” her rap lines proves it (people, you have no right to complain, she would sing more than half the song if she got those lines too, and she raps in almost all their comebacks anyway, idk why theyre all so dramatic 💀) but i do agree that it would be cool to have less rap lines from lisa and maybe more vocal lines for her since i dont really like her rap nor any kpop girlgroup raps

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Jon Xina

Sorry, at this point all 4 BP members deserve the hate and online torment they get from their fans.

They see how vile and disgusting Blink are to everyone else and never say shit…so glad it comes back on them.





Why didn’t you make a post about ARMYs saying that it’s all media play? You are only focusing on Lisa stans?


aren’t you the person that wrote the ps post about jisoo we can make the same about yg sugar baby you know that right
jendog keep barking

so are jendogs the wors solo bp fandom??


why lisa’s fans are always messing with jennie, i see them constantly insulting jennie and dealing with her in a disgusting way. If they are fans of lisa, they should only care about lisa, isn’t that the right thing? Jennie seems to be strangely bothering them because there is no other reason for this hatred.


nah jen fans won’t leave lisa alone either, y’all just like to paint youselves as victims


They all have insane fans but jennitals are worse than lisa’s akgaes

Not ur typa girl


Not ur typa girl


Big Bussin'

I’m just binging these solo fan posts and dying laughing 🤣

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