Why was Cha Eunwoo unable to go to SM, YG, or JYP?

With his visuals and physique alone, even if he didn’t have any talent, he could have easily gone into NCT, TREASURE, or Stray Kids

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1. [+281, -7] It’s not that he couldn’t go to SM, YG, or JYP, it’s that Fantagio kidnapped him

2. [+223, -4] It’s basically kidnapping. Before he knew any better, Fantagio convinced him and took him away. But Cha Eunwoo will shine no matter where he is, so he did well even when he debuted under a small and medium agency

3. [+194, -6] f he went to SM, he probably would have been unable to go to college and it would have been the worst. I think it’s best for someone who has his own talents to go to a small and medium agency

4. [+190, -3] SM is a company that even lost actor Won Bin

5. [+138, -6] For Cha Eunwoo’s face, small and medium agencies are better than big agencies

6. [+94, -4] For Cha Eunwoo, now Cha Eunwoo is a hundred times better than the NCT member

7. [+48, -22] Because he can’t dance, he can’t sing

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Who would like to be a nugu NcT member. He is doing well in a small medium company.


Tbh i don’t think he will suit NCT, at least he’s kinda okay for joiningnct dream lmao cuz his early days he were so cute and fits fresh astro concept


sm would have sliced his face too
It would never be enough for these big companies, they would find a flaw in anything

Small and medium size companies are best when it comes to individual promotions, they will accept everything. It would take more years for wonyoung to have individual activities in companies like sm and jyp. Yg would probably reject big opportunities or give them to the group like they did with bp


Is he a better idol or actor? I don’t know where his talent lies if any


His face and physic are his talents based on Koreans


Aren’t he pretty sucks at both? He only has his face & physical that korean girl like sm


I have no clue about him. When I see him mentioned it’s about his face, height or social circle. I never see anything about his actual job so was wondering if he is talented but it’s overshadowed by his face or is he just a face.


he’s the typical untalented visual – can’t sing or act, but he makes bank because Koreans love him. The irony is they also complain about his talentless ass and still put his ass on the pedestal


Thanks. I figured as much. But I’m curious no so imma go look up his idol videos and some acting scenes to see how bad it is 😂


You don’t have to downgrade him because he doesn’t suit your taste of talent.
Despite not being the best in his team he has done a great job at both He never wanted to be an idol anyways and even with that face of his he still decided to be hardworking.
In life theres nothing like the best as there will always be someone better all one need in life is improvement one of the things he does.He knows he’s flaws and yet he improve on them. Speaking about face he didn’t create himself even if he got gig for face he kept them wit his personality and skills as they all saw someone who is willing to learn. If he doesn’t have that he won’t be chosen as there are lots of idols in the industry. so instead of being bitter and thrashing all his efforts…ignore post.
Y’all are the reason idol can’t even life their life ask sullie and the ones who committed suicide out of cyber bully.
Y’all just pissed cause the rejected stone became the chief corner stone.All he has he got it with his hardwork, determination and skills like every other. You don’t like his face there are many beautiful people in this world.


He doesn’t fit Stray Kids at all, nor any NCT units😬 he’s where he’s supposed to be. Small/mid agency let’s him shine rather than bury him in a bunch of other faces🤷🏼‍♀️


i mean even jaehyun isn’t that much hyped in korea even though he has all the factors to be an it boy… debuting in a large group at a big agency isn’t better for some


fr jaehyun could have been so much bigger if SM pushed him more but they only cared to push their golden boy taeyong (mark is heavily pushed too but as he deservingly should bc he’s way more talented than taeyong) even when jaehyun has higher domestic popularity while taeyong is more infamous for his scandalous past


The problem is still because NcT has too many members and they r not well known by the general public of South Korea. It is so difficult to distribute resources for 23 members

Bring back discuss

He’s too tall for jyp bgs and with a face like that why waste your youth as an nct member. YG is another male idol dungeon if you aren’t another gd wannabe so…


A small-medium agency is better for him, he is the main focus of the agency they would do their best to promote him. A big company will have more star artists to fight for resources


he didn’t match the concept the big agencies had in mind for their groups bc big3/4 agencies don’t lack of visual members at all but you still need other contributing factors (aura/charm/personality/talent etc) that they’re seeking for their groups to make it to the final/debut lineup bc visual is just one of them

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